Half price dining in Barcelona's restaurants

La Terraza del Claris Barcelona


The initiative takes place from the 26th September to 6th October, forming part of the wider national campaign ‘Eltenedor te guia’, organised by the online restaurant booking platform Eltenedor.es and supported by Michelin-star chef Jordi Herrera de Manairó

This is the second edition held in Barcelona. In April 2012 just 100 restaurants took part, with 20,000 bookings and 650,000 € in revenue taken. This year, the number of participating restaurants has tripled, with the capital’s restaurants and organisers projecting revenues in excess of 4 million Euros.

Some of Barcelona’s most notable restaurants are taking part this year, including: Manairó, Bimba's, La Terraza del Claris, Windsor, Pez Vela, The Mirror and Forestier; all motivated by the resounding success Madrid’s restaurants enjoyed earlier this year. However, the organisers are keen to stress that it’s not just fine dining establishments involved. No taste or budget has been excluded. There is an extensive choice of restaurants throughout the city, bringing together a wide variety of cuisines, local and international; accessible for all budgets.

Marcos Alves, a founding partner of Eltenedor.es, stressed that the initiative was both about enhancing Barcelona’s local gastronomy and stimulating locals to enjoy a meal out occasionally. Of course, it’s also a fantastic opportunity for visitors to Barcelona to enjoy half price meals at some of the city's best eateries. 

So if you happen to be in Barcelona during the 26th September to 6th October, make sure you visit www.eltenedor.es online or through their mobile application, to make a reservation and take advantage of this super intiative.