Hard warning, soft warning

Spain-holiday.com has joined the group of important players in the holiday rentals industry and this brings us several challenges in the bad world. Fraud and scam is a daily struggle for us, but we follow and fight it intensively and so far with success. We have our systems in place to monitor different scams.

How do we protect you as a homeowner?

We have built a software spam score system where we classify each enquiry and enquirer. We also monitor each enquiry and enquirer manually. So with the combination of our automatic spam score system and manual monitoring, we feel pretty well on top of things. Now when that's said, we do need to receive an enquiry before we can classify it, so a few may slip through. When this happens we inform you.

Hard warning

If you receive a 'Hard warning' email from us, that means that we are confident that this person does not have a genuine interest in renting your home. So just ignore his enquiry. We will never send you a hard warning unless we are 100% sure the enquiry is ungenuine as we know that leads to potential business has high value to you. So we advice you, but it is your call.

Soft warning

If you receive a 'soft warning' email, we raise a flag for your attention. So reply to the enquiry if it's of your interest, but be aware that our puzzle is missing a few pieces.


We have received many emails and phone calls from homeowners where you ask why we classify a specific enquiry as being fraudulent. We cannot pass this information on as it would make our systems ineffective. See our warning emails as a hint we give you. We hope they will save you some time and aggravation.You are always welcome to contact us if you are in doubt of an enquiry or enquirer. We might be able to top up your knowledge and you may save other homeowners from unnecessary trouble. Remember that on this scene your competitors are the fraudsters and not the other homeowners.