What a guest wants, what a guest likes 2014

Last year Spain-holiday.com published a report, which explored the preferences of guests when booking a holiday rental in Spain. The statistics examined over 200,000 enquiries which were received in the first half of 2013. It showed us that Wifi was an increasingly important feature for holidaymakers and most visitors travelled in groups of four or more. 

Let’s take a look at enquiries for January-June 2014 to see if preferences have changed or if there are just some things in life that will always remain firm favourites. 

Andalucía tops the charts

Andalucía was the number one destination across most languages websites, with Catalonia and the Valencian Community competing for second and third place. France, Italy and Germany chose Catalonia as their No.1 destination.

Must-have features

Swimming pool, air conditioning and Wifi remain the top three must-have features in a holiday rental for the second year running. Newcomer ‘Sea-views’ entered straight in at number four, above features such as a terrace, washing machine and cable TV.

Holiday themes

Not surprisingly, beach holidays was unanimously voted in as the most popular ‘holiday theme’, with the majority of nationalities choosing family holidays and luxury rentals in second and third place. Golf holidays were popular with German, Spanish, French and Portuguese holidaymakers entering within their top 3. And Italians are city-break fans, with City Breaks, in third position.

Villas, apartments and… caves!

Villas remain the most popular type of holiday rental accommodation, with the majority of travellers seeking accommodation for four plus guests. Cave homes entered the charts this year, above yachts, which sit at the bottom of the list.

Check out our interactive infographic below to see the full results of the report.