Holiday rental licence laws in Castilla y León

Tourist accommodation in Castilla y León must comply with the provisions of Decree 3/2017 of 16 February 2017 of the community of Castilla y León. Below we detail the requirements and the most relevant characteristics of this regulation:

Definition of Housing for Tourist Use

Houses for tourist use are defined as dwellings (flats, houses, bungalows, chalets or other similar buildings) furnished and equipped for the temporary and immediately use, and in its entirety, marketed or promoted for profit.

How to register for a Holiday Rental Licence in Castilla y Leon

- Presentation of the responsible declaration of start of activity

- The property will be registered officially in the Tourism Register

- It is mandatory to show the registration number in all types of advertising associated with housing for tourist use.

Placa CyL

- An identification plaque must be placed outside the dwelling for tourist use.

- The guests will receive an information sheet upon arrival at holiday rental home and must have access to a list of prices, claims sheet and information of tourist interest.

- The National Police must be informed of the identity of all the guest staying in the holiday rental property.

Minimum housing requirements

All properties must have a licence of first occupation (licencia de primera ocupación) and a habitation certificate (cédula de habitabilidad) or corresponding municipal authorization.

Additionally, the property must meet the following requirements:


The measure of the bedrooms will be 7 m2 in the case of individual bedrooms, 10 m2 for doubles, and 4 m2 for each additional space.

The bedrooms must have a direct ventilation area to the outside or courtyard and with some system to block out light i.e. shutters or curtains.

Minimum bed sizes are:

-          Single bed 0.80 x 1.90 cm
-          Double bed 1.35 x 1.90 cm


Furnishings must include:

-          Bedside tables
-          A wardrobe with enough hangers and linen to change the bedding.



The bathtubs and showers will have a non-slip system and will have direct or forced ventilation that allows enough air renewal.

Living room

They will be equipped with suitable furniture and sufficient for the use to which they are intended and will be equipped, at least, with dining table, chairs and sofas or armchairs.

Likewise, it will be necessary to guarantee the adequate illumination and ventilation of the living-dining rooms and the dining rooms and halls and they will have curtains or shutters or similar to block out light from the exterior.


The kitchen will have the following equipment: refrigerator, conventional oven, microwave, extractor fan, washing machine, sink, cabinets, garbage bin, and household items (cutlery, crockery, glassware, kitchenware), sufficient in relation to the capacity in places of the housing for tourist use.  Operating instructions of the appliances must also be available. The kitchen should have direct ventilation.

Common services

- A permanent supply of hot and cold water suitable for human consumption.

- Adequate and sufficient electrical supply.

- Heating

- Supply of necessary fuel, if necessary, to ensure the proper functioning of all the services.

- First aid kit.

- Sufficient bedding and towels for guests usage plus changeover.

- Conservation and repair of facilities and equipment.

- Cots, when required by the tourist.

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