Holiday rental licences announced for Andalucía

Updated article: Read the latest information on holiday rental licences in Andalucía, as of 22nd April.


Good news all round, as the Junta de Andalucía finally confirm the introduction of licences for private holiday rentals (Viviendas de Uso Turístico) in Andalucía, including in coastal and city areas. 

Rafael Rodríguez, the Minister for Tourism in Andalucía announced the system should be in place by summer 2014. A round table has been set up to put the new legislation into action, with participation from regional administration and police departments. 

Holiday rental licence Andalucia

Applying for a licence will be obligatory for homeowners who want to rent out their home or rooms on an individual basis, for short-term holiday rentals i.e. bookings of a duration of one month or less. Mr Rodríguez also announced there will be no fee for the licence registration. Andalucía is the first autonomous community to offer a free licence application. Positive news for homeowners in the region.

The move will create a central database of licensed properties in Andalucía, which will serve as a control for both quality accommodation and tax evasion. As with Catalonia, to apply for your licence you will need to adhere to a basic criteria of quality, security and hygiene. Once owners have been designated their registration number, it must be included in all advertising and promotion for the rental. The introduction of licences will safeguard tourists against poor quality accommodation. 

Acquiring a licence also has its benefits for homeowners, as operating a legal, licensed holiday rental, will mean you are protected against fines and inspections. Furthermore, as a regulated accommodation unit, your holiday rental will be listed on Andalucía’s official tourism channels. 

As yet, the move has not been officially discussed with the region’s hoteliers. The hotel sector in Spain has been integral in spearheading the campaign against private holiday rentals, which they call ‘illegal activity’ and ‘unfair competition’. However, it’s impossible for all concerned to ignore the growing demand worldwide for private tourist accommodation. The implications to Spanish tourism figures, if they decided to make holiday rentals illegal in Spain, far outweigh the need to kowtow to the hotel sector.

Rafael Rodríguez concluded, “The introduction of licences for holiday homes in Andalucía is not about shielding the interests of the hotel industry, nor is it about seeking extra income through licence fees. The regularisation will benefit society as a whole, through tax revenues, job creation and the quality of the touristic offer and supply. 

At we’ll keep you informed on how and when the roll out in Andalucía will take place and what you will need to prepare to apply for your licence.

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