How to encourage holiday rental guests to recycle

This summer has seen a huge number of companies in the travel and tourism industry make positive changes towards reducing single-use plastic, as well as local community-driven initiatives such as beach cleans in tourist areas.

A new campaign aimed at encouraging holidaymakers staying in self-catering accommodation in Spain to recycle their household waste has been launched by - an informative website dedicated to providing free useful tools and practical information about good sustainable practices in the holiday rental industry.

A recent survey on recycling in the holiday rental industry showed that only just over half (57.1%) of holiday rental owners offer recycling facilities. And only 7.1% of holiday rental owners and agents provide information to the guests explaining how to recycle, where the recycling bins are etc.

Nowadays, people are generally very good about recycling in their homes as standard practice, but these good practices go by the wayside on holiday.  And the simple reason people dont know how to recycle abroad because is each country has different recycling policies.

Based on feedback from owners and guests, we have created a bilingual English and Spanish Recycling in Spain poster shows the colour-coded recycling bins in Spain and what typical holiday waste goes in what bin which is available to download for free and print and display in your holiday rental property.

The Recycling in Spain poster has been designed to tackle the lack of understanding of how to recycle in Spain for holidaymakers. It is available to download free for Owners and Agents to display in the holiday rental properties. 

Recycling in Spain poster is endorsing Holiday Footprints sustainable campaigns, including the new Recycling in Spain campaign.

Encouraging our owners and agents to print and display the Recycling in Spain poster may only seem like a small step towards sustainable tourism according to Jannich Petersen, CEO of, but on a national level, with nearly 20,000 properties for rent in mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, we feel it can make a significant impact.

Holiday rental owners and agents, as well as holidaymakers,  can visit the website to find out more about the various sustainable tourism initiatives including the Recycling in Spain poster to download and their other initiatives such as the Food Bank Drive which focuses on food waste in the holiday rental industry.  All sustainable tools for the holiday rental industry can be downloaded for free from the website.

The results of the survey also indicated that 14.2% of holiday rental owners do NOT have recycling bins in their property due to a lack of space for recycling bins. Therefore guests are unable to recycle without the amenities available in the property.   However, there are some great products out there to help keep your recycling organized in your home, without taking up much more space than an average-sized kitchen bin.  Below are some suggestions to inspire you to provide recycling facilities in your holiday home.

 Bama Poker – Conjunto de 4 cubos modulares para la basura, 20 Litros

Bama Poker recycling bins

Balvi – Recycle cubo basura reciclaje. Funda extraible con 4 bolsillos laterales

Balvi recycling bin

Wesco 12381 – Cubo de basura integrado (2 compartimentos de 15 L), plata/antracita

Wesco recycling bin

Reciclaje papelera – Juego de 3 bolsas de reciclaje con asas de transporte

Recycling bin