Is Spain's 'Safe' Image Drawing Tourists?

Some destinations in Europe have seen a tourism industry downturn after a series of terrorist attacks over the past 18 months. The tourism slump has not affected the whole continent. Rather than staying home, people are choosing places that they think are safer than traditionally popular destinations.

Portugal, Italy and especially Spain are benefiting as tourist traffic trends shift.

Barcelona at night

The good news: tourism is still strong worldwide

Overall, the global travel industry is doing fairly well according to the recent Economic Impact Report released by the World Travel and Tourism Council. The organization predicts that travel spending will grow by 3.1 percent this year. That is a respectable number especially considering that the global economy is only expected to grow by 2.3 percent 

Parts of Europe thriving on the shift in travel traffic

Spain, the world’s third most popular destination in terms of numbers of international visitors, is expected to set a new record for number of foreign arrivals in 2016.

Madrid and Barcelona might seem like alternatives for tourists seeking the cosmopolitan vibe and culture of Paris. And the beaches on the Costa del Sol and on the Balearic Islands are getting more traffic this summer as people seek alternatives to places like Egypt and Tunisia, which have also been hit by terror attacks targeting tourists.

In short, Spain, already a major destination for tourists, can grow on several different fronts.