Menorca: New tool for homeowners to check if home can be rented out

The Tourism Ordination Service of the Consell de Menorca has announced on Monday 7th January 2019, the implementation of a new tool for property owners to know if their home is suitable for tourist rental.

The tool, that is available to Menorcan citizens, indicated whether a property is located in an area suitable for marketing tourist stays in residential housing, based on the cadastral reference number of the property.

The service also allows knowing the situation of the habitability certificate (certificado de habilidad) of the house, as well as identifying those that are expired.

This tool, which can be found on the Consell de Menorca website [], aims to provide people with interest to register their home to offer tourist stays, information on the situation relating to the rental viability of the property, based on its location, before the presentation of the declaration responsible for the beginning of the tourist activity.

Consell de Menorca website

Full information relating to how to obtain a holiday rental licence for a property in Menorca can be found here in our Definitive Guide to Holiday Rental Licence Laws in Menorca.