New design of User Account

As we informed you recently, Spain Holiday is introducing a new design and some extra functions to the User Account which are due to go live this week. Our goal is to improve usability for both advertisers and renters by making our website functionality smarter and easier.
Our new layout will include a feature called Responsive Design, this system ensures our website is mobile friendly and will adapt to both smartphones and tablets as well as computer desktops. This means you will be able to access and control all functions and areas of the website from your smartphone.
User Panel screenshot
Another new feature is the enquiry procedure - you will now be able to answer enquires directly from renters instead of going through your email system. We have also worked on improving our search options, tailoring them to your needs and making them faster.  
Despite these big design changes we have kept the same structure, meaning site navigation will be as easy as before since menus remain unchanged. One thing we are recommending is to update the ´Fees´ section (i.e linens & towels, pets, cot) since users will now have more flexibility when selecting certain options e.g. cost per stay, person or week.
User Panel fees section
Security is always of paramount importance to us, for both advertisers and renters. We currently have in place a 2-step verification process and in our new User Account we will be introducing new features that will secure communication even more to the benefit of renters and homeowners.
We will be happy to receive any feedback from you about your experience with our new system.