New Spain Holiday site released

The new version is more aesthetically pleasing, easier to navigate and search, incorporates maps right down to the individual property level and has some important structural changes - please read on. 


Searching for properties is the very backbone of the Spain Holiday site. 

The simple search box is now available on every page. The intelligent system automatically suggests areas and regions while typing. By selecting an area, you are taken to a filtered search with all the properties and information on that specific location.  

An important point to bear in mind, is the search box is collapsible. 

You can filter in real time, by selecting any of the variables. Say you want to pay a maximum price per night, have the property within a certain distance from the beach and have a private swimming pool – the results will appear, as and when, you filter for them.

Map search

A new feature is the incorporation of Google maps. 

Every one of the properties listed on Spain Holiday’s site is now placed on a Google map. Visitors have a perfect visual overview of where they will be going. 

Want to know how far a property is from your favourite beach or restaurant? With just a couple clicks of a mouse you can have a satellite view. 

Lets take a look - 

Malaga map view properties

The numbers within the house icons are the total numbers of properties available in that specific area. 

Say you want a beach-front apartment right in the heart of the Malagueta in Malaga’s port area. Using the same functions as you would while using Google maps. Click on the area you want and use the + or – signs to zoom in or out. 

You can also click on the house icons to zoom into specific areas.

The selection can be filtered further still, using the standard search box on the left. 

Malaga map view properties zoom

Hovering above the house icons will give you individual property ids. Zooming in further – you can see individual properties. 

There is nothing like seeing the sea view from a terrace while placing exactly where the property is on a map.

Malaga map view properties

For more information on that specific property you can click on the details button, or go straight to the availability calendar, add to a short list, or even send the homeowner an enquiry directly. 

The pictures are on a slideshow format and can be viewed within the map frame. 

And, of course, flicking back to the satellite option, you get a real bird's-eye view of where you'll be spending your holiday. 

Malaga sat view of property

The information about Malaga tab, contains all the Spain Holiday information on Malaga. Destination guides (when available), videos, reviews, selected properties and the most recent articles about Malaga. Everything you would need for planning that perfect holiday. 

Remember these guides are also downloadable and printable. 


All URLs have been shortened, making them more user and search engine friendly. 

Holiday rentals in Malaga province, for example – has become

Individual properties now have a URL that reflects their property ID -

Filtering options

On the property tab. There are several standard filtering (sorting) options. Most of these are self explanatory. You can sort by price, number of bedrooms, distances from the airport, beach and shopping.

Searching using set filters 

Sorting by 'Suggested' is to sort the properties according to Spain Holiday's internal quality score. 

To sort by 'Reviews,' sorts the properties according to traveller reviews.


Property prices are now listed in three currencies. Euros, Pound sterling and US dollars. The conversion rate is updated daily using rates from the European Central Bank (ECB). 

You can change the currency in three places, on the set filters on the property tab (see above), the price section on the search menu and within each individual property ad. 

The default currency is selected according to a user's location. A user from the UK should see the prices in GBP, for example.