Photographing your holiday home

Good photographs are the most important selling point in your advert. 

People shop with their eyes. In today's fast paced internet market, potential renters will often browse hundreds of holiday homes. They do so by sight and first impressions are crucial. You need to have photographs that literally jump out from the rest. Photographs that separate your property from the others and make it that much more appealing.

Here are a few simple tips and techniques that make all the difference when photographing your holiday home. 

Good weather

Photographs must be taken on a clear and sunny day. People come to Spain primarily for the good weather. With over three hundred days of sunshine a year in most parts of Spain, not having good outdoor pictures, with clear blue skies is not acceptable. 

Summer view from Spanish villa

Always show outdoor pictures. If you don’t, it looks as if you have something to hide. Properties that only show indoor pictures, look claustrophobic and unappealing. 

Pictures of the view and the surrounding areas are also suggested. Two minutes walk from a fantastic beach? Photograph it. 

The best time of day to take photographs is during the ‘golden’ light at the beginning and the end of the day. The light gives a warmer feel and helps avoid shadows.  

First impressions 

The first few photographs of your property will sell it. 

Its always better to have the best, most appealing, photos first. Potential renters browse quickly. If they see something that grabs their attention in the first few split seconds, that is the property they will examine more closely. Make sure your property is that one. 

Good quality 

Modern digital cameras have made it easy for anyone to take a good photo. And more importantly to keep taking them until they get that ‘perfect’ shot. 

Play with the settings, get to know your camera and make it work for you. Keep testing until you get that perfect picture. 

Size does matter

Good quality (preferably high definition - HD) photos should always be used. The bigger the picture, the better. 

Spain holiday stores all HD photos and regularly uses these photos in PR campaigns and on social media channels. All medias now demand, large and high definition photos. 

To make sure your property is successfully marketed via these channels, always ensure that the pictures are good quality and preferably in HD. 

Appeal to your target audience 

Taking pictures of your holiday home

Put yourself in the renters position – what would you like see? who are your target audience? what would they like to see?  

Every picture tells a story. Make sure that your story is appealing to holiday makers. Particularly the ones you are trying to target. 

A young couple looking for a cosmopolitan city flat are going to be looking for very different things than a family going for a beach holiday. 

Identify your property's main selling points and emphasis them.  

Less is more

Pictures are more appealing when rooms are cleared of clutter, there’s nothing floating in the swimming pool, the washing isn't hanging up, the loo seat is down and there aren't dirty plates in the kitchen. There’s a fine line between looking lived-in and a chaotic mess. 

Indoor photos 

Choose the angle carefully. Angle yourself to capture as much detail in the room as possible. Take the shot from a neighbouring room if necessary or on a chair. 

Allow as much natural light to enter the room as possible. Lighting is important and sometimes difficult to get right. You want to try to  balance out the exterior and interior light. Test using the flash, opening all the windows and turning on all interior lights. The room should look light and spacious. Having plants and flowers can add colour and life.