Professional translation of your ad

Is your advertisement translated automatically?

We automatically translate everything that you select in your account. But descriptions, notes and other texts, that are written by you, we cannot translate. So if you cannot write, for example, German, then the visitor to your advertisement will see all you selected in German, but your descriptions will still be in English.

Why is translation so important?

We have teamed up with a professional translation company. For a small fee, they can translate your advertisement into whatever language you wish. There are several good reasons why we recommend you consider this service.

  • Your advertisement will suddenly be accessible to Google in these languages. – leading to more international exposure
  • It reflects to a potential renter that you are serious about your rental business
  • Certain nationalities such as the French, German and Spanish are much more comfortable reading in their own language
  • It increases your quality score. Especially when you mark a language as "spoken" in your profile settings, it is recommended to offer the description in those languages.

One good reason to make a professional translation

One of our hosts wrote to us delighted with the results she received after professionally translating her advertisement into Spanish: 


For a long time, I was getting lots of Spanish enquiries that were mostly large groups of young people. I had my Spanish ad reviewed by a Spaniard who said it didn't make sense at all and they rewrote it for me. Almost immediately the type of enquiry changed to the family market I am targeting and within a week I had four good Spanish bookings for the summer, the best outcome for several years.

After being with Spain-holiday for almost a decade, I was about to move to another site. The English aren't travelling so much as before and my apartment’s audience is now predominantly Spanish. This experience demonstrated that Spain-holiday is reaching Spanish customers.

So I recommend to all other Spain-holiday owners that they check their translations and don't rely on the automatic one.

Best wishes,"

How does it work?

It’s really simple. "La Fábrica de Traducciones" is a linguistic agency offering the creation and translations in different languages. The price can be calculated online directly: Choose the language of origin and destination, the number of words and the sector it belongs to, which is "Tourism". You will immediately receive a quote.

Then send your file and personal data, and La Fábrica de Traducciones will send it back to you as soon as possible. 

La Fábrica doesn't have access to your user account, so they need your description in a Word document, and when you receive it back, translated, you need to copy and paste the translation in your user account.