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On your advertisement within and on all of our international sites, you will now see two share icons at the top of your advertisement. All you have to do is click on them, and if you wish, Facebook offers you the option to write a short comment.

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Why not join the more than 26.000 people who decided to become fans of and all of our international sites on Facebook? If you also wish to become a fan, please click the icon, as shown below or visit the Spain holiday Facebook fan page directly.

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The power of Social media

On we have been for a long time been monitoring the impact social media has on internet users. Facebook has become a replacement for the traditional and most effective, “word of mouth” marketing. On Facebook you can share things you like with your friends and they in turn with their friends etc. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google+ account you can easily and freely promote your holiday home to a lot of people.

We have several accounts that you can join. Our main accounts are these: -26000 fans





Apart from these we have accounts for the individual languages, for example on Facebook:

Spanish- - 13000 fans

French – - 5000 fans

Portuguese – - 7500 fans

Italian – - 15400 fans

Swedish – - 900 fans

German – - 2900 fans

Dutch – - 4400 fans

Danish – - 1300 fans

Norwegian – - 400 fans