Properties located close to each other – Help us help you

Our Support team receives many requests from groups of families wishing to go on holiday together. These clients consult us about properties located close to/ or next to each other, which enables them to enjoy their on private space while being within walking distance to the other families travelling within the same group.

In order to help these families find the ideal solution for their holiday in Spain, and make sure that you get the bookings, we ask for your help.

Do you advertise holiday homes that are situated close to each other/or within the same urbanization?

Is your holiday home located close to another property advertised online 

Whether its villas, townhouses or apartments, contact our support team on and let us know!

Please mention the following details within your email so we can show clients the properties in question and advice about the location.

  • Property ID´s:
  • Approximate distance between properties in meters:
  • Name of Urbanization or Building (if applicable):