Secure inbox

The Secure Inbox was created in order to improve the security for Owners and Guests on against phishing and fraudulent scams.

Nowadays, phishing emails can be extremely sophisticated and hard to spot as fake emails.

The majority of Owners use free email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo which are primary targets for phishing scams.  Because we have no control over the security of these email providers, in order to limit the possibility of owners becoming the victim of scams, is 100% committed to maintaining and constantly improving the security of our systems. One of the anti-phishing mechanisms we have in place is our Secure Inbox 

Benefits of the Secure Inbox:

  • Communication with the guests in a safer environment
  • Our Secure Inbox is built to look and feel like a normal webmail inbox such as Gmail
  • You can attach documents (like your booking forms) and work like you are used to
  • It is mobile friendly
  • you can use templates
  • you can enable auto-reply for a quicker response to your guests

In the Secure Inbox within your User Account, you will see each email is tagged Available (red or green) or Unavailable.


secure inbox

The 3 types of availability are:

  1.  available in green - your property is available according to your calendar, and the enquiry meets all your criteria.
  2. available in red - the property is available but either the changeover date or the min. stay terms have not been met.
  3. not available

How it works​:​

  • When you receive an enquiry​,​ you will be notified by email and text​ message. In the email we will ​include a direct link for you​ to view and reply to​ the enquiry from your ​Secure Inbox​
  • You will be notified via email of each reply of the guest (no longer via sms)
  • All correspondence will be via Secure Inbox
  • For security reasons, the email address of the guest is not shown in order to avoid direct email contact and reduce exposure to scams.  However, the guest's phone number is visible