Snow in Benidorm? Who would have thought it!

Benidorm beach

Millions of tourists choose Benidorm as their holiday destination each year, but it’s usually for the obvious sun, sea and sangria, rather than a skiing vacation. However, if plans go ahead to build the world’s largest indoor ski run, Benidorm could be attracting a whole new genre of tourist.

The project has financial backing, although the investors haven’t yet been disclosed. It also has backing from regional government and the Sociedad de Proyectos Temáticos (SPT), a local government-owned initiative who organise leisure projects in the region. 

If the project goes-ahead, the ski run will stretch over 1.6 kilometres and sit within a plot of 187 acres, just next to the Terra Mitica theme park, actually next to its helipad; could this mean helicopter ski drops will be included? The ski run will be bigger even than Ski Dubai, currently the world’s largest indoor ski run. 

As we understand, the project is currently being introduced to the Plan Especial Director de Usos e Infrastructuras (PEDUI), an official decree that states what is allowed to be constructed on every plot of land in a specific area. The proposed plot for the ski run is registered as a leisure zone, owned by the Generalitat Valenciana, so if they have backed the project, there is a good chance it will go ahead. 

What does this mean to Benidorm?

If plans go ahead, it will be great news for Benidorm all-round. Providing world-class leisure facilities for local residents, families and holidaymakers to enjoy and essentially creating employment opportunities in the local region. It should also attract a new-type of tourist looking for leisure and active pursuits. 

Let’s hope the project doesn't go cold...!