joins ranks with Apartsur

Good news for holiday rental owners in Andalucía, there is an association fighting for your rights and has joined ranks to offer further support to the initiative. 

Apartsur - Asociación de Viviendas de Uso Turístico de Andalucía (Association for Tourist Homes in Andalucía) is a group of holiday rental homeowners who, back in 2013, decided to pull together to fight for the regulation of holiday rental homes and tourist apartments in Andalucia.

It’s been an uphill struggle and they haven’t reached the top just yet. But what they have managed to gain, is the ear of the Junta de Andalucia; with whom they are collaborating to reach a satisfactory outcome in the introduction of licences for private holiday accommodation, both from the perspective of the government and the owners.  

The association is growing rapidly, with more homeowners signing up to the movement every day. Not surprising, when you consider the number of private holiday rentals in Andalucía and the popularity of the region as a tourist destination.  

The association has several objectives moving forward: 


  1. Advancement and promotion for holiday rentals, tourist apartments and other types of non-hotel accommodation in the autonomous community of Andalucía.
  2. Working towards a fair and reasonable legal framework, accommodating the growth and development of holiday rental related-activity.
  3. Development and support for companies dedicated - directly or indirectly, to the promotion of holiday rentals, tourist apartments and other tourist accommodation in Andalucía and to help them progress the following activities: 


  • Establish and maintain key contacts with public authorities at municipal, regional and national level. Creating a legal framework for businesses working towards the promotion of holiday homes, tourist apartments, etc.  
  • Create opportunities through collaboration with like-minded organisations throughout Spain, exchanging experiences and expertise, which will benefit the association and homeowner members 
  • Offer members specialist legal advice, tailored to the exploitation of rental tourist accommodation. joins a host of leading figures in the holiday rental industry, working together to create a better working environment and a fair regulation for owners of tourist accommodation in Andalucía.  

Apartsur’s president, Hilario Echevarria Losada, encourages all members to visit their headquarters in Seville, alternatively give them a call to find out more about how you can get involved: Victoria Fernández 654 508 631 Mr Amos: 609 243519  

Join them on Facebook or visit the Apartsur website