2017: Our performance so far

March has just come to an end and we can hardly believe how fast the first three months of 2017 have gone.

Our online platform has increased its traffic compared to the first quarter of 2016. Traffic has grown across all 13 websites that make up the group.

At, we are committed to keeping our clients well informed and obviously, we love sharing the good results.


Our web traffic has grown +36% from January to March this year compared to the same period in 2016. The biggest increase in performance has been through traffic received from search engines such as Google. This “organic” traffic increased by 49% highlighting a very strong performance in global reach and in guests putting their trust in our clients properties.

Website stats 2017
From the great selection of available holiday homes to our informational articles section of our website, the number of visits has increased across all areas.

Most common devices

Desktop continues to be the preferred device for guest bookings, accounting for 43% of all web traffic. Mobile phone usage accounts for 38% of traffic but is growing at a much faster rate (up 77% compared to 2016) when compared to all other devices.

website stats 2017

Demographics - Most common profile

With a 77% increase in the volume of visits, women still make up the majority of our main audience. The number of women using has increased dramatically during the past three months, mainly between the age of 25 and 35.

The next demographic group is women between 35-45 years old, which also showed an increase of 46%.

Website stats 2017

Wich country are they visiting us from?

Thanks to our availability across 13 languages, we are accessible to a wider range of countries, especially within Europe.

European countries make up our principal market, mainly Britain, Spain and France.

Increase of visits by countries of origin:

Countries (ranked by overall web traffic)

Jan-Mar increase (compared to same period in 2016)


The United Kingdom





























What is the preferred channel

Knowing by which channel our clients reach our portal is very important for us. We want to ensure that all our top holiday rentals, together with our content, reach everybody.

Website stats 2017

Organic traffic has seen the highest increase, a great result considering for our site the intent of many peoples searches are directly related to properties and destinations.

Percentage of traffic per channel Jan-March 2017

Website stats 2017

The second highest increase was seen in the traffic brought through links on other websites. Another positive result, thanks to our team who work on consolidating relationships with other platforms to put their trust in our good work. There’s no doubt that the data shows a strengthening of our platform within the holiday rental market in Spain.