Give your advert a spring clean

In the first trimester of 2016 some new items have been introduced into your account. A spring clean of the advert is therefore recommended. Kindly login to your account and check the following sections:

screendump prices


  • Facilities: If your property has a security alarm, you can now add this under the "facilities" option.   
  • Prices: Please check whether all your prices are up to date and correct. Select either the fixed prices or seasonal prices option, please choose the most fitting option for your property and prices. Also, ensure you have filled out the extra fees section, which now includes more options.

  • Reviews: There is now a link available to send to your renters, so they can easily write a review for your holiday home. You can also use this link for marketing purposes or in your email signature for example.

  • Security: Go to your personal profile (by clicking on your name in the upper right corner) and choose "security". Verify whether your phone is set to the display option you want. You have the option to display your mobile number online, to display it only to people who have sent an enquiry or to never display it online. This last option takes away 5 points from your Quality Score. We recommend you to choose one of the first two options so renters can call you to confirm the bank account details and this way avoid to be a victim of phishing.

  • Static codes for login: Also in the security section, you will find your backup static codes. Please ensure you print out your static codes as you will need them in case the SMS service fails or when you are travelling and need to login to your account. This way, you avoid any frustration or problems when trying to log in. For those with smartphones, you can download the Google Authenticator app and link it with your account. Support is happy to assist you in case you need help in setting this up.