Synchronize your calendar and prices with your own website

You can let your website automatically update bookings and prices on

What is a “Web Service”?

A Web Service is basically a technical application that makes your work a lot easier. It requires a bit of work for the developer of your web site, but when this work is done, all the future bookings and price changes you make on your own web site are automatically transferred and reflected on

What are the benefits?

This is an easy one: You save time and energy.When you update your calendar with a new booking, you only have to update it on your own system. The booking will automatically show up on your property on


Along the same idea you can update your prices with our web service. 

How do I get started?

In order to get started, you simply login to your account on and go to the menu item ‘TOOLS’ | ‘Web Service’. Here you find all the information that your developer or programmer will need.

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