The holiday home booking guide video

Many would-be renters are unaccustomed to booking and paying for a holiday home they see advertised on the internet. 

This video guide provides a step-by-step overview of the booking process. From finding that perfect holiday home, to getting the security deposit back at the end of the holiday. All potential renter's questions should be answered. 

The booking guide is the perfect complement to any website, newsletter, email template....anything that deals with lettings. 

Booking video guide


Video embed and technical specifications

Embedding the video is completely free of charge and a very straightforward process. Click on the 'embed' icon within the video, select the desired size and the code is generated automatically. Copy and paste this code into your website. 

Only a very small front-end is installed with all the work taking place on our servers. 

All the videos on Spain Holiday are streamed off Amazon cloud servers. The streaming has been carefully optimised to ensure an excellent viewing experience anywhere in the World, with the videos cached in various locations. 

They have been designed to run on all platforms, including mobiles and tablets. 


Finding the home you like

Once you have found the holiday home you like on our website, please contact us by sending an enquiry or giving us a call. We will then inform you of the availability, rates for the dates you have requested and how to proceed with the booking.

Do you have any questions?  

Before making a booking, we are here to answer any questions you may have concerning the accommodation, payment, check-in, security deposits etc. We have a friendly and helpful customer support department.

Sending reservation deposit 

To secure your booking, we require a non-refundable reservation deposit. 

eposit receipt 

Once we have received your first payment, we will send you a reservation confirmation receipt. 

Information prior to departure 

Before your arrival, we will send you all the necessary information concerning your accommodation. This includes the address of the holiday home, contact telephone number, check-in time, where to pick up the keys and other relevant information.

Meeting with the tenant

Once you arrive at the holiday home, you will receive all the necessary practical information about the holiday home. Local residents are knowledgeable of the area and community, so the person who meets and greets you can provide a few tips on nice places to visit, good restaurants and other local highlights.

Enjoying your holidays 

Now it’s time to enjoy your stay. If you experience problems during the duration of your stay, you can call the contact person who will happily assist you with any issues you may have. 

Holiday end

On the day of departure, you need to leave the holiday home at the agreed check-out time. To receive your security deposit in full, the holiday home will be inspected to ensure nothing is broken or missing. 

Have a safe trip back home 

We hope you enjoyed your holiday and wish you a safe trip back home – see you again soon!

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