Updating Your Calendar Improves Ranking.

To provide the best user experience for our guests at Spain-Holiday.com, we have a search algorithm in place which rewards homeowners and agents who update their calendar and prices. 

When a guest enters their travel dates they expect to see properties that are available on those dates and the correct prices. 


Many times, guests get frustrated because…

  • They do not receive a response to their enquiry

  • The property is already booked even though the calendar shows availability

  • The prices displayed are not correct for the dates they entered in the search

This means that...

The holiday homes with correctly updated calendars (according to the number of enquiries they received) and prices will show up in search results when the guest searches for a specific period. If your calendars and prices are not correctly updated, your holiday home will not be shown on our search pages. 

To make it easier, we encourage you to use synchronizing tools such as iCal. With tools like this, your calendars will always be up to date and will run the risk of not being shown.


In your account under "Prices" you can find "Base prices​".​​ This allows you to set up your prices up to 18 months ahead - until you decide to change them.​​​ By using this, your advert will always show prices.

Make sure to specify your changeover days, check-in and check-out times and any extra fees your holiday home has.

If you offer a special price for a winter break, this needs to be written in the “notes” at the bottom of this section.

Terms and Conditions

The section after “prices” in your user account is called “Terms”. Make sure to select your cancellation policy in there, so that guests know what to expect in case they need to cancel their booking.

By adhering to these practices, there will be a positive impact on your advert and you will avoid losing out on enquiries and bookings.