VAT-IVA issues, update your account

The individuals and companies that are not subject to pay Spanish IVA are:

  • Non-European private owners and companies
  • VAT registered companies of the EU
  • Private owners and companies from the Canary Islands.

In order for us to invoice you correctly, please login to your user account and click on “my details” to update your personal information.

We have changed the format a bit. We kindly ask you to update your details to make sure the invoices are generated automatically, without including the IVA.

my details

Private owner/Property manager

When choosing between “private owner” or “agent,” bear in mind this will be shown online together with your contact details.It will appear in the same section, where we will inform renters if you are a “verified owner” or a “verified agent”.If you choose “private owner”, your ad will have this sign:

verified owner

And if you choose “agent”, your ad will be showing this beside your contact details:

verified agent

Being a company and having to provide us with your company details, is solely for accountancy reasons. These details will never be shown online. We require this information to create a correct invoice for you.Please update your details on this page, before making any payment, in order to have a correct ad and an invoice with all the necessary information. We do not change invoices once they are created.