What's coming up for the next high season

Remember to update your calendar and prices!
The booking season is about to start in a few weeks time so make sure that your property has updated calendar and prices for the coming year. Together with great, high definition photos this will give our visitors the best possible experience and thereby increase your chance of getting more bookings.
In the coming weeks, we will also be introducing some important changes to the search algorithm for our holiday homes listing, which will now take into account updated calendars. The reason for this, is that many renters were finding that when specific travel dates were entered into the search, homes which were not available on those dates were appearing in their search results. We will be reducing this problem with our new search algorithm, as any property owner which has not updated their property availability calendar with current, accurate dates will find that their advert will not appear in the search results, even if the property is available at that time. 
This change will improve the experience for all users of Spain-Holiday.com meaning that: 
Only properties with accurate, updated calendars and prices will appear in search results when a renter searches for a specific date range.
To make it easier to update calendars automatically, a new calendar API has been added to the advertising tools available on Spain-Holiday.com. Find full information on the calendar API and your personal API key in your user account. 
New email design
This week Spain Holiday will be introducing a brand new email design to match our website design which was launched earlier in the year. The new design consists of our orange deckchair logo and blue banner and will feature on emails sent to both homeowners and renters. Not only that, our website is now super-mobile-friendly, so our emails will now also shrink to fit to the screen size of smartphones and tablets.
Nuevo email