A walk along the GR142 in Andalucía

Holiday plans

Planning a little walking on your Spanish holiday? For spectacular views and stunning scenery, take a stroll along the GR142, in Andalucía.


The lesser of the two

You'll have heard of the GR7.  The Gran Recorrido that runs all the way from Tarifa in southern Spain, through Andorra and France. The GR142 is like a little sister, running at lower altitude than the GR7, and with a length of just 144 kms. Up for a little of it? Then lace up those walking boots, we're going for a hike!



What's the whole route?

The route is well marked from start to finish - that's the Spa town of Lanjarón - with wooden signs, the markings painted on red and white. The walk is framed between the mountains and sea - a perfect picture. Choose long hikes across the stunning terrain - or shorter ones between the picturesque Alpujarras villages that dot the mountainsides. There's nothing better than a curl of blue smoke rising to greet you after a long walk, a promise of a hearty Alpujarras plate of good food and a cold beer.


A sample route

There are plenty of routes to take - choose easy or difficult, whatever suits your fitness level and how long you want to be out. The routes are:

Lanjarón - Órgiva

Órgiva - Fondales

Fondales - Busquístar

Busquitar - Castares

Castares - Lobras

Lobras - Cádiar

This is the one we took:

Lobras - Cadiar. Time: 2 hours 20 minutes. Altitude: 760 - 950 metres. Length: 8 kilometres.

The level is medium, and there's an Aqueduct to see which dates from the Moorish period - marked Cortijo de Los Arcos -  as well as a nice trek through ancient olive groves - why not bring a picnic and relax for lunch? Flora and fauna abound, all the wild flowers will soon be in bloom, along with the scent of trampled wild mint, rosemary and thyme. You can see the Castares road from this track - I use the word 'road' loosely! There's fresh drinking water available at both Cádiar and Lobras, and you can find refreshments and food available in Cádiar. 

Hiking Alhama de Granada

When is the best time?

That's easy. Now! From now until April is the very best time to go. You'll be treated to spectacular scenery, snow capped tips of the Sierra Nevada, the sparkling blue sea below, perhaps views right across the Mediterranean to Africa. Clean air, and a fragrant herbal carpet underfoot. Right now, the Almond blossom has unfurled, the oranges are decorating the trees, and if you wait a little longer - until March - you should catch the orchids as they start to emerge from the banks and fields.

Almond blossom

Where should we stop?

The obvious place is the start/end of the walk, in Lanjarón. If you don't feel like going it alone, you could always hire an experienced local guide, where the walks will be mapped out for you, and a suitable route planned.

See the traditional villages of the Alpujarras at first hand, some appear to have not changed for centuries. With the sun at your back and a lungful of fresh air, you'll really feel rejuvenated and refreshed - a proper sort of holiday!