Holidays in Cambrils: Sun, Beach and Culture on the Costa Dorada

Cambrils is one of the best places to enjoy the Mediterranean. Located in the middle of the Costa Brava, it's surrounded by a glorious natural environment and has some amazing golden beaches. Cambrils is more than a beach holiday destination - it offers visitors art, fun and culture. It's the perfect places to spend some well-deserved holidays.
Cambrils Beach Promenade
From it's best beaches and museums to events and festivals we want to show you the best ways to get the most out of your holiday in Cambrils.

Enjoy sea and sun on the beaches of Cambrils

Cambrils boasts 9km of high quality beaches which are all accessible from the promenade which runs along the beach. The main beach is called El Requeral, it's made up of fine golden sand, calm waters and has all types of facilities making it perfect for families.
Cambrils Beach
Other lovely beaches include Vilafortuny Beach which is more than 1,5km long; El Cavet Beach which is very quiet and relaxed and La Llosa which is also known as Cap de Sant Pere Beach. All of these beaches have clean, calm waters and disabled access, plus plenty of facilities like sun lounger rental, water sports, chiringuitos (beach restaurants) and shower areas. Each of these beaches have earned the Blue Flag award for their high quality. 

Stroll along the beach promenade 

Cambrils was once a buzzing fishing town, well known not only for it's seafood but also it's wine and oil. Although it's fishing tradition is still alive, Cambrils has become very popular with holidaymakers and attracts thousands of tourists each year. If you want to experience the essence of Cambrils' fishing history, take a walk along the beach promenade to discover it's fishing and boat ports. 
Avoid going for a walk along the promenade right in the middle of the day, the best times are either early morning or at dusk when the sun is setting and the temperature gets a bit more bearable. The atmosphere here is created by a mixture of seaside sights and smells including the proximity of the sea, the palm trees, the fresh sea breeze and the sound of the seagulls. The beach promenade of Cambrils extends until the next town of Salou so a great way to discover this long stretch quickly, is on a bike or segway.
Cambrils Beach Promenade
Photography lovers will find their favourite spot next to the Faro Rojo lighthouse - the symbol of Cambrils. From this part of the port, the views of the sea and the sunsets are marvellous. Take a break in the shade of the huge Pino Redondo tree, which is hundreds of years old and has been declared a Monument of Local and Regional Interest by the local government of Cambrils. It acts as a meeting point for both locals and tourists. Another interesting tree is La Phitolata, which was imported from Argentina and stands in front of the Yacht Club, it's one of the few trees of it's species in Catalonia.

Taste the rich Mediterranean Gastronomy 

Thanks to its natural surroundings and its fishing tradition, the gastronomy of Cambrils consists of a lot of fresh products and well-known recipes. For that reason, Cambrils is actually considered the "Gastronomy Capital" of the Costa Dorada, so it's definitely worth trying some of the local dishes. 
Cambrils Yacht Club
One of Cambrils traditional dishes is the "Fideus Rossos", a noodle dish made with fish stock and bell pepper, it has a characteristic reddish coloured due to the red bell pepper.

Culture and History in Cambrils' Museums

Although it's just a small town, in it's small streets and squares we'll find a number of different museums which exhibit works of Cambrils' history and culture and the main museum in the town is called Moli de les tres Eres. The main building of the Cambrils History Museum is well-known for it's perfectly functioning water mill as well as different archaeological remains such as bronze figures which date back to the 3rd century AD.  

If we want to travel back into and experience the history of Cambrils, pay a visit to the Vila Romana de la Llosa which is one of the most interesting Roman sites in the region dating back to between the 1st century BC and the 6th century A.D. We recommend including a visit to this site in your holiday plans, especially if you are travelling with children because it has a great educational reconstructions which show us how life once in the old province of Romana de Tarraco. 

Cambrils Old Town
Another museum worth a visit is the Museo Agricola which has a beautiful, modern bodega inside designed by Bernardi Martorell - one of Gaudi's disciples. In this museum we will discover everything about the production of both wine and oil, two of the most popular ingredients in Mediterranean cooking.  
Lastly, we have the Torre de la Ermita Tower Museum. The military tower was built in the 14th century as a look out point over the Costa Dorada. It has been well maintained over the years and it still in great condition and thus, has earned the certification of "Bien Cultural de Interés Nacional" or Cultural Property of National Interest and often hold exhibitions about medieval Cambrils.  

Parque Sama: The Romantic Botanical Garden on the Mediterranean 

Enjoy a different kind of afternoon, surrounded by exotic trees, lakes, streams, artificial cave and all different types of animals. It's a true lost paradise on the Costa Dorada known as Parque Sama, located between Cambrils and Montbrio del Camp. The park has a huge fairy tale mansion in the middle and is surrounded by a tropical oasis on all sides. 
The creation of this marvellous park was initiated by Salvador Samai Torrens, Marquess of Marianao. He wanted to recreated the atmosphere of colonial Cuba which he had known and grown up in. The project was put in the hands of Josep Fontserre, the man behind Barcelona's "Parque de la Ciudadela" park and thanks to his great imagination and know-how we now have this splendid park.
Parque Sama Botanical Garden, Cambrils
Parque Sama is considered to be one of the best examples of a romantic garden on the Mediterranean, filled with sculptures, fountains, viewpoints, ponds and all types of birds such as peacocks, ducks and parrots. If you book a holiday home on the Costa Dorada you can discover a multitude of unique and interesting spots like Parque Sama. 

Pinaret Park 

The next park on our list is the Pinaret Park, the biggest and most modern park in Cambrils. The park is set on 4,5 hectares of land and is divided into various zones. 
Parque Sama
The zones include the children's play zone, the forest zone which has picnic areas and paths for exploring, a green classroom where we can study different species of local flora and lastly, a square where activities are organised.

Active Tourism

Cambrils is a popular holiday destination for lovers of active tourism. Relaxing on the beaches of the Costa Brava always sounds good but having new experiences during our holidays also sounds good. Cambrils has a great quantity of high quality activities which have won the Sport Tourism Certificate award of Catalonia
One of the most popular sports in Cambrils is cycling and more than 20km of bike lanes run through the town, forming a network of bike routes of differing difficulty along both the coastline and the town centre. There's also plenty of bike workshops, bike parks and special cyclist menus in many restaurants.
Port Aventura
If you do decide to visit Cambrils, we encourage you to try out one of the many water sports in the Estacion Nautica Costa Daurada boat club. From parasailing, water skiing, banana boats and jet skis to paddle surfing, kayaking, wind surfing and kite surfing there's literally something for every water sports lover.

Port Aventura: The Best Theme Park in Spain

Located just 12 kilometres from Cambrils is one of the biggest theme parks in Spain: Port Aventura. It has six themed areas filled with roller coasters and attractions and is a truly unmissable day out if you are on holiday in this area.

Port Aventura
Choose a weekday to visit this amazing theme park, which has areas such as the tropical paradises of Polynesia, the American old west and Imperial China. One of the most popular roller coasters in this theme park is the Dragon Khan which reaches speeds of 105km/h. 

Events and Festivals in Cambrils

Just in case all the aforementioned activities weren't enough, Cambrils also hosts numerous festivals and cultural events throughout the year:  

Encarxofa’t in Cambrils: Gastronomic Days dedicated to the Artichoke
In March, almost 30 restaurants in Cambrils prepare special menus based around the Artichoke. This isn't the only interesting gastronomic event, take a look at our guide to the best gastronomic events in Spain
Cambrils Music Festival
The Cambrils Music Festival is celebrated every summer between the end of July and the middle of August. There's always a great number of performances from both national and international artists, taking place in the Pinaret Park.
Festivals on the Costa Dorada
The Las Fiestas Mayores de Cambrils Festival
From the end of August and the beginning of September the Las Fiestas Mayores de Cambrils Festival takes place, with shows and cultural acts lighting up the long summer evenings. One of those most long awaited parties is the "Nit de Foc", when the streets fill with devils holding torches and sparklers, who run through the old town creating an impressive pyrotechnic show. Around the same time are the "sardanas" and "pasacalles" dances, the parade of giants and all other types of family activities.   
The Fira Marítima Costa Daurada Festival
In May, the Fira Maritima Costa Daurada festival takes place which celebrates the maritime and boating worlds. Duirng the course of the festival, Cambrils transforms into a nautical paradise with boat exhibitions and all types of sea related activities such as fishing, boat trips, kayaking and rowing. Children's activities are also organised with the hope of inspiring a love of the sea.
Festivals, Costa Dorada
Cambrils is much more than simply a sun and beach destination, this beautiful area is full of interesting and exciting things to do and see. The only way to experience the best of this town is to rent a holiday home in Cambrils and explore and discover everything this place has to offer.