Riding the longest zipline in Spain

Comares is one of the top destinations in Spain for active travellers and the perfect place to enjoy the wonderful silence and vastness of the majestic Andalusian mountains. This charming pueblo blanco is located in the mountainous area of Axarquía, in the Málaga province, and is home to Spain's longest zipline

At 436 metres long, the zipline takes you flying across the mountaintops within minutes, while farmers previously had to travel for days by donkey to get across the area. 

Wondering how it feels to whiz through the air here in Comares? We tried it out and can confirm that it is a lot of fun - see our video below: 

Video of the longest zipline in Spain

The Comares zipline is located next to the Via Ferrata la Fuente Gorda, one of three via ferratas that you can complete in Comares. Learn more about this adventurous activity in our article, The Via Ferratas in Comares, Málaga

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The boarder-crossing zipline in Sanlúcar de Guadiana

Looking for more fun? If you continue westwards in Andalusia, towards Sanlúcar de Guadiana (Huelva), you can ride the longest zipline in the world. It is 720 metres long and takes you over the Río Guadiana river and even across the Spain-Portugal border. It's the only zipline in the world that requires that you bring your passport - you should also make sure to "travel light"... hand luggage only please! 

Getting from Spain to Portugal is faster than you might have previously thought; flying through the air at 70 kilometres per hour will have you in a new country within a minute.