Playa San Antonio: Cullera's favourite beach

Playa San Antonio is Cullera's central city beach and the most well-known of the area. It is very cosmopolitan with a great atmosphere, wide beachside promenade, water sports, and of course paella.
At 1750 metres long and 75 metres wide, this fine-sand beach has beautiful clear waters and is the place to be in the summertime.

Playa San Antonio, Cullera

Playa San Antonio is cleaned daily between 5 am and 8 am while access to the beach is closed. Like Cullera's other nearby beaches, San Antonio is well taken care of and has been recognized for its quality on many occasions, including by the famous Blue Flag.

The water is shallow and safe for children, meaning that Playa San Antonio attracts a lot of families. In the summer this beach is very popular, but because it is so big, you can't really tell how many beachgoers there really are.
It is lovely to stroll along the waterfront to take in the views of the surrounding mountains and nearby castle that sits above the town.


Playa San Antonio, Cullera

Because Playa San Antonio is a city beach, many amenities are within close walking distance. You can rent a parasol and sunbed for €4.50 between 10:00 to 19:00.
Lifeguards are also on duty, and in July and August there is a shaded zone for disabled persons who can relax on a comfortable deckchairs on wheels and enjoy the seaside.

Playa San Antonio, Cullera
The beachside promenade has plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants. This is also where you can find the tourism office, as well as a sign indicating ongoing activities and events with contact details/rental locations.
You can rent a pedalo with a slide for children, and there are all sorts of water sports including stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing, and kayaking at the mouth of the Júcar river. 
Playa San Antonio, Cullera
You will also find Pétanque courts along the promenade, available to use for free - groups of local seniors often play here. 
You will definitely see a lot of Spaniards at this beach, as it has been a popular destination for inhabitants of the region and other parts of Spain since the 60s. 
The only thing missing from Playa San Antonio are outdoor showers, but there are some low taps where you can wash the sand off your feet.
Playa San Antonio, Cullera

Eating out along the promenade

Arrocerias are typical to Cullera - these are restaurants that serve rice-based dishes including many different types of paella or fideuá.
Locals recommend Ulises Piga (Avenida Alicante 7) along the promenade. The freshly-made paella de peladas gambas, sepia y calamar, paella with prawns and squid, is supposed to be very good. Marisqueria Mare Nostrum II (Avenida Castellon 16) is another must-visit restaurant in the area. 

How to get to Playa San Antonio, Cullera?

Playa San Antonio, Cullera

The easiest route to get to Playa San Antonio from Valencia is by taking the AP-7 highway along to the Cullera exit. Next, simply follow the directions to 'playas' or 'platjas', in Valencian.
Playa San Antonio is located at the end of Avenida Diagonal, opposite Parque San Antonio. You'll be able to find parking along the streets near the boardwalk and pay about €2.60 for four hours or so. If there are no parking places in the blue paying zone, then you can try to park underground at the parking garage close to the tourism office at the beach. You can also pick up a map of Cullera there.

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Map of Cullera's Playa San Antonio