Fondón: Home of the last Moorish King of Spain

Moorish influence

There's no missing the Moorish influence in Andalucia. Centuries of history left behind an outstanding legacy, still visible today in architecture, art and culture. A first glimpse of the Alhambra of Granada, the Mezquita at Cordoba, or the many Alcazabas and Citadels of the region will allow the story to unfold.  But of course the Moors were eventually exiled and sent packing, first to the remote Alpujarras, straddling the provinces of Granada and Almería.


Royal connection

Visit a small village in Almeria and feel the tangible past unfold, with a Royal connection, and a story of its own to tell. Introducing Fondón, the last home of Boabdil, the final Moorish King. So put down the phone or the iPad for a while, and take a walk through this quiet and unassuming village.


The exiled King

Boabdil was the famous cry-baby. Perhaps you're travelling from Granada. If so, look out for the Suspiro del Moro, or the Moors Sigh. Reputedly, that's where he looked back, upon exile, and cried at the last sight of his beloved city and the Alhambra. His mother, rather annoyed at being uprooted herself, chided him and snapped that he should not cry like a woman for what he could not defend as a man. He had lost the battle, and was on his way to the Alpujarras - the equivalent of No Man's Land.

San Andres Church

Destination: Fondón

It wasn't such a bad ending. He was given this area, basically to get him out of the way  His 'hood was the municipality of Laujar  - and Fondón falls within the boundaries. 

High points to see in Fondón are:


  • The enormous fountain - designed in neoclassical style.
  • The parish church of San Andrés - baroque style and 17th century.
  • The hermitage of the Virgin of Las Angustias - worth seeing for the Mudejar coffered ceiling.
  • The Mudejar houses - the town hall or Ayuntamiento is in one of them, now fully restored.


Fuente Victoria

Just a kilometre down the road from Fondón, but still part of it,  is Fuente Victoria, where Boabdil had his palace. Today, it has definitely seen better days, last week we visited and the doors were hanging off and the roof was coming in - which is a great shame. Still it's a peaceful and beautiful place, despite the ruination - and you might hear history whispering its secrets to you on a quiet day.

Fuente victoria

Well kept

One thing we did notice was how much money has been spent on doing the village up, there's plenty of information available in the form of up to date literature. This was lead mining country in the more recent past, as you'll see by the quantity of towers, chimneys and routes. So, lots of walking and marked routes to follow and discover in and around the area.

mine shaft

Around the area

Up on the Sierra de Gador, close to Fondón, you'll find the recreation areas of Los Coloraos and La Parra, ideal areas for that summer picnic, or starting point for some outdoor activities. Look out for the signs for Cortijo de las Paces, where the peace treaty was signed in 1570, after the Moorish uprising. Back down in Fondón, you'll find lots of lively bars serving tasty tapas of the area, plenty to choose some refreshment after your walk.