Where to stay in Formentera

Formentera is the smallest and most southerly island of the Balearics stretching just over 82km of land. What the island lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in beauty. Formentera is a little slice of paradise where skyscrapers do not exist and nature remains completely untouched. Famous for its stunning beaches with pure white sand and the clearest turquoise waters, it is often likened to destinations in the Caribbean. 

To reach Formentera, you will need to catch a ferry from neighbouring island Ibiza, or from mainland Spain. Although the island is small, there are a few different resorts you can choose for a holiday. Discover the best places to stay in Formentera here.

Es Pujols

You will find this popular spot on the northern part of the island situated between Llevant beach and Punta Prima. Es Pujols is the place to stay in Formentera if you are seeking the liveliest area on the island. Formentera does not have the prolific party reputation of its sister island, Ibiza, but Es Pujols has the perfect combination of stunning beaches as well as hippie market stalls, bars, restaurants, shops, and nightlife. 

The coves at Es Pujols are truly spectacular made up of white sandy shores and sparkling turquoise sea. Without a doubt, you must spend at least one evening on a beach here to watch the famous orangey sunset.

La Savina

Holiday home near La Savina


La Savina is located in the western part of Formentera. This is where you will be dropped off at the dock if you arrive on the island by boat from Ibiza. Around the port, you can find cafes and restaurants. From here you can also charter a boat and head out onto the turquoise seas for a day. 

One of the most famous features of La Savina is the hippie market which pops up weekly from Friday through to Sunday. Peruse the stools with handmade trinkets, arts and crafts, and bohemian-style clothing. 

La Savina is the perfect location to stay in Formentera for a mix of the classic bohemian and chilled-out nature of the island with more vibrant areas.

Sant Ferran de Ses Roque

Sant Ferran de Ses Roque is located in the heart of the island. Full of charm, this town still exudes the hippie vibes from the '60s. It is said that many musicians have favoured this spot throughout the years including Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. 

This quaint location is surrounded by vineyards and farmhouses. Choosing your base as Sant Ferran de Ses Roque is ideal for those seeking a nature escape and for those who want to experience the authentic quiet island life of Formentera. 


Migjorn is the southernmost point of Formentera made up of 5-kilometres of paradisiacal beaches. It is the largest beach area on the island characterised by rocky coves and sandy stretches. A place where nature and tourism exist harmoniously. Find unspoilt beaches next to restaurants, but not a skyscraper in sight. 

The beaches on this part of Formentera have some of the least light pollution making the famous sunsets of the Balearic islands even more special here. Pack a picnic and maybe a blanket for when the sun goes down and head here for an unforgettable night under the stars. 

Es Caló de Sant Agustí

Es Caló de Sant Agustí is a small fishing village located in the north of Formentera. Quaint and picturesque, in ancient times, this was the primary harbour for the island. Check out the ruins of Can Blai -  the Roman chapel, and wander down the cobbled street that runs to the village El Pilar de Mola. The coves around here are where you'll find the iconic charming fishermen's huts and wooden docks. 

There are a plethora of coves and little bays around this area. Find your own little intimate spot and spend the day relaxing on the white sand admiring the sparkling turquoise water. 

Sant Francesc Xavier

Church, Sant Francesc Xavier

Sant Francesc Xavier is the capital of Formentera. The bustling centre is characterised by streets lined with white-washed houses, stylish shops, and restaurants. The restaurants and bars here are a cheaper option than those that line the seafront. The shops here specialise in handmade clothing, leather items, and jewellery. 

Through the months of May to October, you will find the local craft market here every day from 10 am to 2 pm. Wander around picking up handmade pieces and trinkets to bring back for loved ones. You can't miss the church in Sant Francesc Xavier. Built in the 1700s to resemble a fortress, it served two purposes. It was a place of worship and a shelter from pirates raiding the island. Be sure to visit the Ethnographic Museum to see how life looked on the island over the years. 

Sant Francesc Xavier is the perfect place to stay on the island to combine the bustling village life while still only being a stone's throw from the beach.

Cala, Formentera

Cala Saona

This village on the west side of the island is home to one of the most picturesque beaches in Formentera. The beach is protected by green vegetation and impressive red rocks. It is said that here you can witness the most special sunsets on the island. 

There are some great walking trails easily accessed from the south side of the beach. Trek to the Punta Rasa cliffs to see the best views out to the Mediterranean. There isn't so much here in terms of facilities, but there is a restaurant serving the freshest seafood and a beach bar ideal for refreshments during the day or a couple of drinks on a balmy evening. 

Pilar de la Mola

This little village is situated at the highest point on the island. This is where you can see views over the whole of Formentera. Life in this part of the islands is slow, La Mola is known for being the most chilled place in Formentera. However, during the summer months, there is an artisan market that brings the village to life. This is the best place to pick up handmade items such as ceramics and jewellery as well as to purchase artwork from local artists.

Perusing one of the island's markets is a great way to experience authentic Formentera. On Wednesdays and Sundays, this particular market also has live music. A visit to Pilar de la Mola would not be complete without a stop by the famous La Mola Lighthouse for great views from the cliffs. 

The takeaway...

The small island of Formentera is ideal for a relaxed beach holiday. The waters are breathtakingly clear, the sand is soft and white, and the nature offering is natural and unspoilt. For those who want to really escape and disconnect, Formentera is the island for you. This holiday destination is unique in the fact that it has not seen mass construction to accommodate tourism. Islanders, tourists, and nature thrive here in perfect harmony. Enjoy the relaxed vibe, soak up the culture, and return home fully recharged. 

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