Let's go to la Playa Norte in Gandia!

La Playa Norte (the “Northern beach”, on the Northern side of the harbour) is the most important beach of Gandia. Gandia is a city in the autonomous Valencian community. We can consider the beach very large, since it is more than three kilometres long. Alongside of the full length of the beach you will find a beautiful promenade. The beach also has an extraordinary width of 150 meters, and in total this offers you 300,000m2 of golden sand; perfect for sunbathing, exercising and having fun! 
Playa Norte and the promenade
Playa Norte is a pretty beach that's well taken care of, with little groups of palm trees and other green vegetation. The high quality of both the clean beach and the quiet, clean, and refreshing sea water has been rewarded with a Blue Flag.
Because of the sunny climate you are able to enjoy and visit this seemingly endless beach all year round. During the pleasant spring and fall you will have all the space you want, and even during the very crowded and warm summer you won’t have any trouble finding a place on the beach. 
Besides this, I am pretty sure you will find anything you need on this beach! The beaches of the autonomous community of Valencia happen to be known for their extensive offer of activities and facilities. I am pretty sure you will never get bored when spending time on Playa Norte!

A beach with all the facilities

Playa Norte

As a city beach, Playa Norte offers a great amount of facilities for its visitors: lifeguards; a Red Cross first aid stand and a local police service; showers and toilets; wooden paths; a (wind)surfing school; and several rental services like sun beds, sunshades, cycle boats, bikes, and more!
For people with special needs there are special services to make the beach more accessible, like special showers, toilets and changing rooms. On the beach you will also find three zones that are reserved and made accessible for people with wheel chairs, this assures an easy access to the beach and the sea for everybody.

Great for kids!

Playa Norte

Playa Norte is a perfect beach for families with children. It offers zones with exercising facilities and playgrounds for children on the beach. During summer, you will also find floating platforms and playgrounds in the water. So children will never get bored and you can enjoy your time quietly.

Parents can also take their children to the three "ludotecas" (play centres), where the children can play with others and they can participate in many different workshops.

A beach for sporty people

Water sports

Along the whole length of the beach you can find different areas that have been facilitated for doing ball sports, like beach volleyball and football. You can even find a special area for kiting.
If you want to do some kind of water sport, you can go to a special service, the “Oficina de Actividades Náuticas” (the office for water activities). Here they can give you information about the different schools that offer you classes for windsurfing, kite surfing, jet skis, kayaking, fishing, sailing, paddling, and much more. As you can read, there are many possibilities for having fun in the water, for people with different levels of experience.

A very lively promenade with lots of activities

Also on the “Paseo Marítimo Neptuno” (the promenade), you can find lots of services: a wifi area, bicycles, horses and quads rentals, etc. This beach promenade is an excellent path for a relaxing walk, a run, or a short cycling trip over the wide cycling path.
Gandia Beach
Besides this, you can also do many other things on the long Paseo Marítimo Neptuno, especially during summer you can find many different activities for all age categories. On the promenade there are 6 stages, where in the mornings, before the afternoon heat, you can find activities like zumba and aerobics (next to the chiringuitos (beach bars) in the direction of the harbour) and at night there are live performances of music and dance, but also theatre shows for children. On two of these stages you can also experience an outdoor cinema.
Most of the hotels, summer apartments and holiday homes of Gandia are close to this promenade. This means you can find all kinds of shops there, like a normal bakery, a butcher, but also sport shops, souvenir shops and little boutiques. There is also a big offer of bars and restaurants, so you could have dinner in a different place every night during your holidays. Gandia is especially famous for its excellent “arrocerías” (rice dishes) like paella and fidueà; thé dish of Gandia, and marisquerías (sea food). But don’t worry, you can also find great pizzerias and other restaurants.
These are some of the reasons why Playa Norte is the most visited beach of Gandia, both by locals and tourists. Among the Spanish tourists you can find many people from Madrid, and therefore this beach is also called “la  playa de los madrileños” (madrileños are locals from the city of Madrid).
One piece of advice: If you don’t like too crowded places, then I suggest you to spend your time where there are less buildings (in the direction of L’Ahuir and the Xeraco beach). On the other side, closer to the harbour, there are more chiringuitos, activities and fiestas for the party lovers!
There is also a tourist office where you can go and ask for more information about activities in and around Gandia. This tourist office has been divided into two parts that you can find in the pretty, white lighthouses on the promenade.
For visitors that are not staying in an accommodation close to the beach, there is a big free parking place and an underground parking garage. For people with special needs, there is a reserved parking spot. You can also reach the beach by bus.

Comfortable chiringuitos

Chiringuito (beach bar)
Not only on the promenade you can find places to eat or have a drink, you can also go to one of the chiringuitos (beach bars) on the beach. Besides the possibility to relax, the bars also offer all kinds of activities like aerobics on the beach, other types of dance or live music. Perfect activities for having fun and getting fit at the same time under the warm Spanish sun!
The chiringuitos are open all year round. Having a drink there during a sunset on a summer night is a lovely experience, and later at night you are able to have a cocktail under a sky full of stars. Having drinks on the beach on a warm summer night will guarantee a very special evening...
Playa Norte

Lovely sunny Sundays

Every Sunday from June till September the Gandia beach is even more lively. Each week you will find a mercadillo (little market) on the Passeig Rosa dels Vents where you can take a nice stroll along all the stands with clothes, local products, souvenirs and more. On this market you will also find six spots where they offer fun things to do for children, like traditional games and music. This offers you the possibility to have a lovely Sunday morning with the whole family. 
In the Southern part of the Playa Norte you can find the harbour for yachts and small boats (Club Náutico). After the one of Valencia, this is the biggest marina in the autonomous community of Valencia. It offers room for around 400 small boats.
Are you planning to go to the Valencia community in June? Then you shouldn’t miss the amazing beach party of San Juan (Saint John)! On the Playa Norte in Gandia you will find fireworks and bonfires to celebrate the start of the summer. I can assure you that it is an amazing experience!

Map: Playa Norte and other beaches of Gandia