10 books about Granada Spain for Holiday Reading

Are you reminiscing about a previous holiday in Andalusia? Perhaps you are reading up on Granada ahead of a planned trip or maybe you are an armchair traveller. Whichever objective you have this list includes various titles for great holiday reading. All the books are specifically about the region or set around Granada.

. Lecrin Valley Granada

The Hand of Fatima – Idlefonso Falcones

This historic novel takes part in Granada and the Alpujarra regions. Although some of the action does move to other areas of Andalusia too. This dramatic tale recounts the brutal wars of the Alpujarras after the conquest of the city of Granada. It´s a must read for those interested in the history of the kingdom of Al Andalus. Hernando the main character is a Moorish boy, son of a Christian father with blue eyes. People don´t always trust him as he seems to be from both sides. Set in 1564, Christians and Moor armies clash in various battles throughout the book. Hernando is surrounded by conflict throughout the story. As the storyline takes us through many years of history and across different geographies we are captured by this important time in Spanish history.

Driving over Lemons – Chris Stewart

The Ex Genesis drummer Chris Stewart moved to the lower Alpujarras some years ago. This area of Granada province is known for its remote villages and windy high roads. This book was written about his experience of the first years of moving there with his family. This read has plenty of anecdotes of Spanish village life. The local Spanish villagers seem to enjoy the fun with the new English guy in the area. It also has a fair share of description of landscapes and local food too.  Two other books followed this first title; The Almond blossom appreciation society and A Parrot in Pepper tree.

The Return - Victoria Hislop

If you have an interest in Flamenco dancing or Andalusia this book is for you.  This carefully balanced tale is a light romantic novel includes geography and history just in the right doses. The description of the city of Granada provides enough background to conjure up the idea of the setting for the reader, without slowing up the story. The novel begins with two friends leaving the UK to visit Granada for a course of dance lessons. Unexpectedly the story quickly picks up pace and the plot thickens taking back some years ago.

migas almeria

Spanish Village Cooking - Recetas del Campo – Debs Jenkins

If you are more into food rather than reading, then this book has some hearty dishes from Spain. The 150 recipes are from rural Spanish countryside. These dishes have been passed down several generations through a Spanish family in Murcia. Some of the dishes are quite simple and some a little more elaborate. Although not strictly Granada, the cuisine is similar to dishes in Andalusia. Anyone for Migas? This book allows you to create the Spanish rural feel in your kitchen long after your holiday has ended.

South of Granada – Gerald Brenan

This novel is set in the picturesque village of Yegen. This remote village with it´s magnificent backdrop of the Sierra Nevada Mountains was the Spanish idyll in which Gerald Brenan lived in the 1920´s. Of course it inspired a film of the same name. The book includes references to notable visitors such as Virginia Woolf or Dora Carrington who visited Brenan during his time there. 

Granada City of my Dreams- Lorenzo Boheme

An alternative guide to Granada. This book is dotted with sketches and illustrations of aspects of Granada. It´s really captures the reader’s imagination. Lorenzo describes some lesser known streets of the Albaicin just as if he were a local. Places to see the Alhambra from another perspective or not so well known historic detail fascinate the reader. Some of the facts that he shares are quite interesting and will prepare you for your break in Granada. This book was published quite a while ago but must be included on this list. Granada Flamenco


Flamenco Baby – Cherry Radford

A romantic novel set in Granada. Asreaders we are taken into a world if Flamenco dancers and get drawn into the Andalusian spirit of dance and music. During the dance classes of the main character, Yolande, a cosy relationship develops with her dance teacher in Granada.  The plot soon becomes more complex as secrecy, love and jealousy keep the reader engaged.

Duende: In Search of Flamenco- Jason Webster

The setting initially is in Alicante where the writer beings Spanish guitar lessons. The tale soon moves swiftly to Madrid for a while, we don´t stay in the Spanish capital for long.  Later the story leads us south to Granada and the home of flamenco, Andalusia. This book is neat mix of a travel diary and a history of Flamenco. Told by an Englishman on his travels through Spain. The enthusiastic style of writing helps the reader to feel the essence of the soulful music. Jason Webster shares the meaning of Duende in his own words and offers a taste of real Flamenco through its pages.  

Lorca´s Granada Ian Gibson 

Ian Gibson has been writing about Lorca and Granada for many years. He actually wrote Lorca´s Biography. This book will provide a guide to the Granada region perfect for any literature enthusiast. The life and works of the Poet Federico García Lorca are written alongside the different settings around Granada province offering another perspective on the area.

Tales of the Alhambra – Washington Irving

The American writer Washington Irving was fortunate enough to be able to stay at the Alhambra palace. If you get chance to visit the Alhambra palace you will see a commemorative plaque in the room where he stayed. The Tales of the Alhambra stories were inspired by the time he spent in Granada. He depicts in the Granada of the 1800´s in these tales. The stories in this book are a mixture of made up tales inspired by what he saw on his travels at the time and actual occurrences in the city.