Virgin beaches of Menorca

Of all the Balearic Islands, Menorca has the good fortune of still having pristine virgin beaches. It really seems as if time stopped centuries ago because there is almost no sign of the passage of man, which makes it the best destination to get some peace and quiet on holiday.

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Macarelleta

It is difficult to reach these beaches, most of which are without any services. Some do have a posidonia oceánica, a marine plant that protects the sand from the erosion of the waves. It is also a sign of clear and clean water.

This article will take you to the beautiful virgin beaches of Menorca and help you decide which ones to visit during your Menorca villa holiday. Read on below to get to know some of the best beaches of the island.

Son Saura 

Perhaps less known than other beaches of the southern shore, Son Saura is a virgin beach formed by two coves. The feeling that you have, walking along the carpet-like sand, is to be in a little paradise. The waters are transparent and pine trees shade perfect picnic spots from the sun. There are few tourists, even in the summertime.

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Son Saura

To get to Son Saura, take the Camí de Sant Joan de Missa from Ciutadella and follow the signs. Parking is free and the beach only a five minute walk away.

There are also several boat trips that stop at the most beautiful beaches of the south, including this one, starting from Cala'n Bosch. Prices are about €18 per person.

Cala Pilar

Cala Pilar, on the northern coast of Menorca, will surprise you with its colours: the reddish sand, the green of the forest and the deep blue sea are truly sights to behold.

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Cala Pilar

There are two ways to get to this beach - one of the most beautiful virgin beaches of the island.

The first route, strongly preferred in summer, is from Alfurí parking. From Carretera Mahon-Ciutadella, take exit Camí de Pilar, between Ferreries and Ciutadella. You have to walk about 40 minutes from the parking lot, most of the route is thankfully shaded by the woods. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view.

The second is through Camí dels Alocs, always from the main Carretera, just past Ferreries. Park next to the white house on the right and walk for 20 minutes to reach the cobbled beach of Ets Alocs. From there you can take Camí of Cavalls on the left that will take you to Cala Pilar in 25 minutes. The path has a vertical drop of 100 metres and is completely exposed to the sun.

Es Talaier

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Cala Es Talaier

Es Talaier is a small pearl in the south of Menorca with white sand and crystal waters. Even in summer it is rarely frequented by tourists. Its name comes from Atalaya de Artrutx, the defensive tower built in 1600 to prevent the arrival of the pirates. If you want, you can visit the tower along the way towards the north from the beach (1.6 kilometres away).

To reach the beach, you have two options: to park in Cala Turqueta and continue along Camí de Cavalls to the right of the beach, or to drive to Son Saura, always taking Camí de Cavalls to the left. In either case you will walk for about half an hour along the coast.

Sa Torreta

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Sa Torreta

Sa Torreta is a jewel of white sand and is 200 metres long. It is located on the east coast of Menorca. The name of this beach comes from a watchtower built by the British in 800.

Leave from Es Grau beach and in less than an hour along Camí de Cavalls you will reach Sa Torreta (2.7 kilometres). 

Here you will find a magnificent example of the "caseta de Vorera", a lime-covered cottage built decades ago by the owners of the land in order to spend the summer by the sea. The little house is located across the beach and is a storage spot for a fishing boat.

Cala Escorxada

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Cala Escorxada

Green, blue and white are the only colours at Cala Escorxada. This southern beach of fine white sand is surrounded by pine trees. The boats, the only trace of humanity, really seem suspended over the water because it is so transparent.

To reach this beach, you have to walk for a good hour from Binigaus (3.5 kilometres): the path along the coast is quite hard, just rock and no shade, so keep that in mind, especially in high summer.

If you do not like to walk, you can always take a sea taxi from Cala Galdana - for €25 a boat will bring you directly here.

Cala Fustam

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Cala Fustam

Despite being a bit smaller than Cala Escorxada, Cala Fustam is still a place where you can discover a small paradise. The beach's name in Catalan refers to woodworking: Cala Fustam was in fact a major timber harvesting area and today you can still see the ramp that used to pull logs to the sea to be boarded.

The beach, always with fine, white sand, will surprise you with the amount of pine trees growing down to the shore. 

You can reach Cala Fustam by walking along the coast, or from Cala Mitjana Binigaus. In both cases it is 4 kilometres and the route is quite hard - but worth it! The beach is almost always deserted, even in the summer.

The secret beaches of Binimel·là

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Caleta de s'Elisabet

These five beaches are located near Binimel·là, in central-north Menorca. They are really small and narrow, but because of this they are all the more special. There is only a restaurant in the parking lot.

To reach them, from Es Mercadal, take the road towards "platges del nord". Follow on towards Binimel·là, park, then take the left path in front of the restaurant. Once at Binimel·là beach, go to the path on the right.

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Caleta de Binimel·là

The first bay is Caleta de Binimel·là. Next you will find Cova des Pont, which is one of the most unique beaches of the island - it is located inside a cave that links to the sea through a crack in the rock.

The virgin beaches of Menorca - Cova des Pont, Binimel·là

The third is Caleta de s’Elisabet, more comfortable and large, where there is sufficient sand to lay down your towel. Below you will find Raco d'en Miquel. The last beach is Punta de Binimel·là. All five have quite fine sand with a reddish colour and a rocky seabed perfect for snorkelling. 

For lovers of nature, beach holidays and this incredible island, here is more information on the beautiful beaches of Menorca.