Mojácar: Playa de las Ventanicas

This long and wide sand beach belongs to the best and most quiet beaches of the coast around Mojácar Playa. This town is located in the south east of the province of Almería in Andalusia. Even in the high season you will never see this beach completely full. At any time of the day and no matter what the season you can find a place to spread your beach towel somewhere around the cute little palm trees that give you the sensation of being on an island.
The view is absolutely beautiful: in front of you, you have the great Mediterranean sea, which seems to be bluer there than anywhere else, and behind you there you can see a backdrop of the Sierra Cabrera. When you swim a bit further into the water and you see the sun shining over the water, when it is later in the afternoon and the sun is a bit lower, then suddenly Mojácar looks like a Pacific paradise. If you can experience this, I assure you, you will not forget this moment anytime soon.
In the following parts you will find out what you can see and do on the Playa de las Ventanicas.

Some information about Playa de las Ventanicas

Playa de las Ventanicas, Mojacar Playa

La Playa de las Ventanicas is 1600 metres long and it is the longest one of the total amount of 17 beaches in Mojácar Playa. Besides its length, it is also scarily wide! At some places, the distance from the sea till the end of the beach is 200 metres.
Sometimes the beach is perfect for bodysurfing and you will find many young people doing this. You can even find those young people in winter, while they plunge themselves in the waves over at Hotel Best Indalo, in a wet suit and with flippers. But the larger part of the time, there are not too many waves here, which is lovely for people who come to relax and have an easy swim. This place is also ideal for kite surfing, the surfers even have their own beach bar over there. The beach widens here because of a man-made breakwater and you have lots of land area. It can be rather windy at the beach, especially in spring and every day in winter. The wind either comes from the Levante (the north-east) or from the Poniente (the south-west), but it rarely blows offshore.
Paseo Maritimo along la Playa de las Ventanicas, Mojacar
The sand on the Playa de las Ventanicas is mostly light gray and the grains get finer when you get closer to the water. On stormy days, the sea likes to leave some shells behind on the sand. The shore edge is perfect for jogging, since the sand is quite soft there, besides jogging you can also go for long walks in completely serenity. In the low season there is a chance that you will find yourself all alone on the beach, which is perfect for long, relaxing walks. In the high season you won’t be completely alone, but you will find some retired, Spanish people and some tourists strolling along on the beach. Mojácar is a beloved holiday destination, but fortunately it is not as crowded as for example the Costa Blanca or the Costa del Sol during summertime. More information about our holiday homes in Mojácar you can find here.
The conditions for swimming are perfect, since you won’t find any rocks or smaller, annoying stones in the water. During certain phases of the moon, the sea may rear a bit, and when it does it forms waves which are perfect for being carried on. With a bit of practice you can be good at this, and even without a surf board you can let yourself be drawn towards the beach by the waves without any danger. This is obviously only nice during the warm summer days, when the sea water is not that cold anymore!

Where is la Playa de las Ventanicas located?

It is almost impossible to oversee la Playa de las Ventanicas when you walk or drive over the beach promenade of Mojácar Playa towards the end. On the northern side la Playa de las Ventanicas borders with the wilder, rocky beach Playa de Cueva del Lobo and on the southern side it has a border with a riverbed (Rambla). In this river you will barely find water flowing, which makes this river mouth also perfect for sun bathing and swimming.
Here you can also find the beginning of a nice hiking trail that willl lead you to la Playa Macenas, where there is an old coastal fort. La Playa de las Ventanicas is basically the last real city beach in Mojácar Playa, before you go into the Sierra Cabrera, the natural beach Sombrerico and the Natural park Cabo de Gata-Nijar. 

Restaurants, shops and services available on the Playa de las Ventanicas

Tinto de Verano in Tito's Chiringuito

On the top of beach you will find the promenade, el Paseo Maritimo, full with Mediterranean plants, alongside the length of the beach of Mojácar Playa. There you will find many restaurants, ice bars, and cafes and even some small concerts take place there. The atmosphere, however, is quite relaxed here, since the larger part of the tourists are couples, retired people and families. The younger people prefer to visit the more northern located Playa del Cantal.
The chiringuito (beach bar) of Tito has become some kind of art institution in Mojácar Playa and has already been run by the American Tito del Amo for more than forty years! A curiosity about him is that he claims to be related to Walt Disney.
Since the summer of 2015 you can also find a small open-air fitness centre next to the promenade. So when you go for a morning run, you can stop here and also strengthen or stretch some other muscles. You won’t find too many people there, and the ones that do go, sometimes get some silly looks, but the good beach life in Andalusia can leave some marks behind on your body and if you don’t want to accumulate too much of it on your body, you will have to do something!
The best restaurant with authentic Andalusian dishes and excellent wines is the Casa Egea, directly on the beach road across the parking. Here Antonio will serve you delicious tapas creations every day that have been made by his amazingly cooking wife. This restaurant offers you a high quality cuisine for a very nice price.
Alongside the higher located Promenade you will find a wide entrance to the beach, every 300 m, which are also accessible with buggies and wheelchairs. So, la Playa de las Ventanicas is also accessible for people with some extra needs.
Beach bar Playa Blanca on la Playa de las Ventanicas, Mojacar Playa
On the beach you will also find several showers where you can clean the sand of your body and feet, there are also toilets, however they are only opened during the high season. From November the water is saved.

Sun beds can be rented in the beach bar Playa Blanca and at Tito’s chiringuito, and you can even find them at the jungle-like beach bar Lua. Along the promenade you can also find some playgrounds for kids, however there is not any shadow, so be careful, from June till September it can be way too hot there during the day.
Beach volleyball on la Playa de las Ventanicas, Mojacar Playa
One of the best parts of Playa de las Ventanicas, according to some locals, is the beach volleyball field that you can find close to beach bar Luna. The stakes of the net might be a little bent, due to its age, but still they serve well for their purpose. When you go to the beach before midday there is nearly any wind and there won’t be many people on the beach, so at that time you have a great chance to play some volleyball! 

Parking, directions and a map

You have to turn from the highway A 7 at the exit Mojácar in the highway A-370 and then follow the signs up to Mojácar. At the roundabout at the gas station you have to go down the hill towards the sea, and follow the signs Carboneras. Otherwise you end up in the main village Mojácar Pueblo instead of the smaller, beach village of Mojácar Playa. Now you have to drive along the more or less 3 kilometre long beach promenade till shortly before the end of the town. Here you will find la Playa de las Ventanicas. It is easily recognised by the Buddha Bar, which is located on the right side of the beach road if you are coming from the north.
Parking is so far for free in Mojácar Playa and at Playa de las Ventanicas there you will always find plenty of free parking places. The traffic jams, that can take place during summer, along the narrow beach road AL-5107, finish as soon as you get to la Playa de las Ventanicas, and you can also always find a place to park in the streets a bit further from the beach. 

Map of la Playa de las Ventanicas