The best holiday activities and events in Salou

Salou is one of the most well-known and popular destinations on the Costa Dorada. It offers everything you need for a perfect holiday: from amazing beaches to entertainment for the whole family. Apart from that, there are many local parties and events that you don´t want to miss out on. Discover the best activities for your holiday to Salou.

Enjoy the beaches of Salou

There is no other way to start off this list than by mentioning the beaches of Salou. Along the coastline with a length of 14 kilometres, you will find beaches to satisfy everyone´s wishes. They all have crystal clear water that is calm and shallow. Add soft, golden sand to that and you have the perfect spot to relax or to do water sports. 

For those who travel with a family and are looking for something close to the centre, the urban beaches are very convenient. The beaches Llevant, Ponent and Llarga can all be found alongside the promenade and offer various facilities. You will find toilets, showers, restaurants and you can rent sunbeds and parasols.  

Cala Font
However, Salou also offers more hidden and intimate beaches. To those who are looking for a secluded beach we recommend going outside of the centre, following the Camino de Ronda via Cap de Salou. Along the whole length of this walk, we can find little coves that are surrounded by pine trees and lush vegetation. You can relax and sunbathe or be more active and do one of the water sports activities, such as snorkelling. No matter what you go for, the best way to enjoy it is from your own holiday villa in Salou, with an amazing sea view.

Explore its rich heritage

Salou is more than just beaches and parties; there is a lot more to see. You should definitely dedicate some time during your holidays to explore the rich heritage. The Torre Vella de Salou (The old tower of Salou) is one of the most visited monuments in town. In 1530, the tower was originally constructed to protect the city from pirates that arrived from the Mediterranean sea. Nowadays, the tower serves as a gallery where paintings and enamel are exhibited and you can just walk in and take a look around, as there is no entrance fee. Another nice spot worth a visit is the Santa María del Mar church, which was constructed in the 18th century as a tribute to the importance of fishery in Salou.
Iglesia Santa María del Mar en Salou
Following the promenade alongside the coast, we come across other important monuments in the city. The illuminated fountains, the King Jaume I monument or Casa Bonet. The latter presents a modern style, famous in Catalunya because of Gaudí´s artwork. 
Casa Bonet en Salou
Another sight that should be on your list, is the Catalan Mesía. Here you will find out what the rural life in Catalunya and the relationship with the natural environment were like. From tools to daily objects and pets, it feels like you are going back in time. During summer you can also visit the craft market.
Finally, we recommend going to the Botanical Garden. This tropical environment hosts more than 400 species of exotic plants and trees, on a surface of almost 2 hectares. The little water canals remind us of the traditional irrigation system that was used in the countryside during the old times. 

Las Nits Dauradas (The Golden Nights) in August

In August, the biggest festival of summer takes place. It is called Las Nits Dauradas, which literally means the Golden Nights. During this week long event, Salou turns gold. Many folkloric events and cultural celebrations take place such as concerts, musical performances and sports competitions. During the Golden Nights, every day is a new experience and you will definitely not get bored! 

Nits Daurades
One of the special nights during this event is the Night of Fire. The city centre is completely transformed into one big party place, where fireworks, instruments and dances can be heard and seen. We can also see some typical Catalan traditions, such as the human towers made up of hundreds of people. 
To finalise the event, fireworks are launched and can be seen from the urban beaches of Salou or from the promenade. You can imagine that this is quite popular, so it is recommended to look for a holiday home in Salou well in advance. 

The Roman villa of Barenys

In the middle of the centre of Salou, we find a small archaeological park. Here you can still find the remains of a Roman site, that originate from the last century BC. The ceramic remains on this site were used in that century, to transport the wine produced to the whole Tarragona area. 
Villa Romana de Barenys
Even though there is not a lot that remains of Villa de Barenys, it is definitely worth a visit. You can do an archaeological tour, in which the guide explains you all there is to know about the elements displayed. From the oven heating up to the workplaces where workers were shaping the clay.
Guided visits: Saturdays from 11 am to 13 pm. 
Available languages: Castellano, Catalan, English and French.

The biggest winter party: Coso Blanco 

At the end of January, the biggest winter party takes place. The celebrations last just over a week and Salou overflows with joy and festivity. Every day there are different activities and performances, ranging from dance shows to concerts and parades. The week is concluded with the Coso Blanco

Fiesta del Coso Blanco en Salou
The Coso Blanco is one of the most anticipated events of the Winter Parties in Salou and therefore attracts many visitors; more than 22,000 people each year. They all come together in the centre where they accompany the floats and move to the rhythm of the music. At a certain moment the lights turn off and the music fades away... The silence gets broken by 20 canons that mark the start of Coso Blanco. 22 tonnes of confetti get fired into the air and the spectacle of colour, fun and bright lights has started. 
The Winter Parties are not only aimed at adults; the little ones are also taken into consideration. Special activities are organised, such as face painting, movie and theatre sessions and even playgrounds with inflatables. 

Relax at Lumine Beach Club Salou

Your holidays are meant for pure relaxation and Salou has everything to satisfy that need. Imagine laying in a hammock under the Spanish sun, while you hear the sea waves in the back and feel a soft breeze on your face. But that´s not all: you are even next to the swimming pool and very close to the beach! Is this music to your ears? Then Lumine Beach Club in Salou is the place to be for you.  
Lumine Beach Club

At this beach club you cannot do anything else but to relax. During the weekends you can listen to live music while you enjoy the great views with a cocktail in your hand. In summer this is a great place for children as well, as animation for children is offered. 

The Jaume I parties in September

If you are still unsure what month you want to go to Salou, we can recommend September. Not only is the weather still amazing and are the beaches less busy than in for example July and August, but you can also take a trip back in time. Each yeah in September, the medieval Jaume I parties take place in Salou. 
During this event, many activities take place, all related to the medieval past of Catalunya. A must-see is the medieval craft market, that is situated in the old part of town. There are craft stalls, workshops and activities for children. They can, for example, ride a donkey or watch a theatre show. 
Nomad Festival Salou
The whole city centre is transformed for this special occasion: balconies are decorated and medieval banners are waving in the wind. Not only the buildings and streets are taken care of, the people of Salou also dress at their best. One of our favourite parts of the event is the gastronomic route with typical medieval recipes; over 20 restaurants in the centre of Salou participate! The Jaume I event is not the only one taking place in September; the Nomad Festival does as well. This is a modern project that offers amazing food of all cuisines at food trucks and all kinds of live music at the promenade of Salou.

Get adventurous at the theme parks 

Salou is also known for its wide range of theme parks. You can choose to spend a day at the well-known Port Aventura park or get some refreshment at the Aquópolis water park. If you are into heights, then Parc Aventura is the place to be. You can even ride karts at Kart Salou. 
Port Aventura
Port Aventura is the main theme park, with 6 areas that represent different areas all over the world. This way you can even travel the world without even leaving Salou! The rollercoasters and other spectacular attractions will give you a kick and make the adrenaline rush through your veins. If you are looking for a quieter option, consider Aquópolis. You will feel like you are in Hawaii, as the whole park is decorated keeping the island in mind. The hammocks, palm trees and swimming pools will give you a tropical holiday feeling. 
Port Aventura
Parc Aventura can be found in the city centre of Salou and as the name demonstrates, this is a great place if you like an adventure. Various attractions will lift you up to 10 metres in the air. Of course, there are different age and difficulty levels. However, one thing is clear: if you are afraid of heights this might not be the greatest option for you. You might appreciate high speed more, which you can find at Kart Salou. You can now even enjoy the Bungee Rocket: a kind of catapult that launches you 90 metres up with a speed of 180 km/h, in less than 1.3 seconds. 

Supporter at the Spanish Open of Salou

The ´Spanish Open´ is another event that takes place every year as well. This ballroom dance event is one of the most renowned and important dance events in Spain but also on an international level. 
Last year over 1,800 dancers participated in this event, from almost 30 countries. Add 29 jury members from 14 countries to this and you have a colourful music spectacle with the best international choreographies. 

Walk the Cami de Ronda route

The Cami de Ronda route is a great place to go for a hike. If you have limited time available in Salou, then this should definitely be an activity high on your list. In old times this route was used as a vantage point over the sea, it served as a defence mechanism. Nowadays there are wooden platforms to make the walk more comfortable. 
Cami de Ronda en Salou
The route runs parallel to the coast until you arrive at the Faro de Salou (the lighthouse of Salou). From there, you have a breathtaking view of the sea. Furthermore, we can discover various beaches and little bays along the way; the perfect spot to take a dive on a hot summers day. If you're not in the mood for a swim, it might be better to not go during the middle of the day, as the sun is at its peak and the water is perfect for keeping cool. Waiting until the sun sets is worth it; the views are even more spectacular at that time. 
As you have read in this article, Salou is definitely worth a visit. There is a lot more to discover than just the beaches. Apart from the beautiful surroundings, there are also enough events and activities that will keep you busy during your holidays. Its heritage and beautiful coastline make Salou a great destination all year round.