Ondarreta, San Sebastián - The Perfect Beach For Families

Ondarreta beach is set in the majestic 'Bahia de la Concha' (Concha Bay) and is one of the best beaches in the region of San Sebastián. Situated in the western part of the city and less known than its neighbour 'La Concha,' Ondarreta sits cosily at the foot of the Igueldo mountain.
The location and unique surroundings mean this beach enjoys regular low tides, making it ideal for families with children. Relax on the sand and bathe in the calm waters on your holiday in San Sebastián. 
Ondarreta beach has all the facilities as well as activities to keep children entertained. If you are looking for some fun and adventure on your holiday, challenge yourself and swim out to the Island of Santa Clara, located in the middle of the bay. Find holiday homes in San Sebastián near the beach and make the most of your stay on this beautiful coastline. 
Concha strand en eronder Ondarreta, gezien vanaf Igueldo, San Sebastián
In the landscape that encompasses Ondarreta beach, discover a secret known as 'Pico de Loro,' a narrow rocky path only accessible at low tide. This hidden pathway leads to Miramar Palace, a former residence of the royal family. Today, the land surrounding the palace is open to the public and is a great location for unbeatable views of La Concha and Ondarreta beach. Low tides also reveal hidden rocks that form part of the landscape.

A Charismatic And Tranquil Beach

Ondarreta strand, San Sebastián
Less famous than La Concha, Ondarreta beach is one of the most charismatic beaches in San Sebastián, with beautiful white walkways, shops, and picturesque gardens that sit next to the statue of Queen Maria Cristina. Positioned just behind the beach are some small holiday apartments and secluded luxury villas for those wanting to spend their holidays overlooking the sea. 
Adjacent to Ondarreta beach is the quiet neighbourhood of Antiguo, the oldest area in the city with its own distinct character. Here you will find traditional shops, bars and experience some of the best cuisine in San Sebastián. 
Ondarreta offers everything for a tranquil beach holiday in San Sebastián, with soft sand, the warm Mediterranean sun and local cuisine. Most of the year, the locals enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Ondarreta beach and even in the summer months, the beach is not overly crowded. 

A Stunning Family Beach

Ondarreta strand, San Sebastián

Ondarreta provides a welcoming and safe environment for families seeking a holiday on one of the beaches in San Sebastián. With children's entertainment such as the 'jungle gym' and the 'play club' which has two exclusive pools and also offers swimming lessons and various games on the sand. There is also a volleyball area for adults to get involved in some beach games too. 
For incredible, panoramic views overlooking the bay, head up Igueldo Moutain and look out over Santa Clara Island, 'Peine del Viento' (an impressive large-scale sculpture) as well as the port and city centre.
Zicht op het Santa Clara eiland, Urgull en de haven, San Sebastian
A visit to Ondarreta beach would not be complete without swimming out and exploring the island of Santa Clara, located in the middle of the bay. This island has a small beach which is only visible at low tide. Despite being small in size, Santa Clara has a terrace bar and a natural swimming pool with salt water. If you don't fancy swimming to the island, tour the bay by hiring a kayak, rowing boat or a paddleboard. There are also boat trips that run to and from the island every 30 minutes during the summer. 

Can Anyone Swim To The Island?

The unique location of Ondarreta beach means it usually experiences calm waters and frequent low tides unless the conditions are particularly stormy. Ondarreta serves as one of the best beaches for swimmers and families, a sheltered bay, with the Igueldo mountain acting as a natural barrier preventing strong currents. 

Zurriola beach is located on the other side of town, with a livelier vibe, this beach attracts a slightly younger crowd. This beach is less enclosed than Ondarreta making it a popular spot for amateur surfers and bodyboarders from all over the world.  

Useful Information About Ondarreta Beach

Ondarreta strand, San Sebastián

Ondarreta beach has all the facilities for a comfortable holiday in San Sebastián. With changing rooms, showers and public bathrooms available, as well as generic beach equipment to rent throughout the summer. Umbrellas are €17.50 for the day and sun loungers are €1 per day. Parking near the beach is inexpensive and only a short distance away. 

To continue exploring the region of San Sebastián, discover the capital of the province, Bilbao. An architecturally stunning city, with some of the best gastronomy in the world.