COVID-19 rules for travellers and tourists to Spain - How to avoid a fine

The state of alarm has been lifted, and Spain proudly opened its borders for tourists on June 21st. Although holidaymakers are welcome, some COVID-19 restrictions still remain in place. These regulations have been issued by the Spanish authorities to keep both residents and tourists safe so you can still enjoy your holiday to Spain this summer.  

This guide outlines what tourists need to know about the new rules and regulations in Spain surrounding the coronavirus. With this information you can ensure the safety of yourself, others and of course, avoid getting a fine this summer which range from €200 up to €3000. 

Out and about

COVID-19 rules in Spain

Whilst you are free to wander at any time of the day in Spain, there are still rules that apply to protect people surrounding the coronavirus. If you do not follow the guidelines, you may be stopped by the Spanish authorities and be issued a fine.

What to do:

  • Wear a mask at all times when in open spaces.
  • Where possible, maintain a 2-metre distance from other people on the street.
  • Take note of the signs on the pavement which outline on which side you should be walking.

On the beaches

COVID-19 rules in Spain

Whilst the beaches are open in Spain, there are strict rules that beachgoers must abide by. Police and volunteers patrol the beaches daily to ensure these safety measures are being upheld. 

What to do:

  • All beachgoers must maintain social distancing and keep 2.5 metres between themselves and others.
  • Towels and parasols must be kept 2.5 metres away from other beachgoers. They must also be placed at least 6 metres from the sea to allow people to walk along the beach, to maintain a two-metre distance.
  • Personal hygiene must be adopted at all times.
  • Nude bathing is not allowed under the new regulations.
  • Animals are not permitted on the beach at this time.

On public transport

COVID-19 rules in Spain

The use of public transport is permitted in Spain. You may not be allowed to use it if you do not follow the rules put in place.

What to do:

  • Wear a mask while using public transportation, both inside vehicles, stations and stops.
  • Keep a social distance on public transportation where possible. 
  • Maintain respiratory hygiene standards.
  • At station exits and entrances, always leave enough space for other users, especially when queueing.
  • On escalators, keep a single row, without overtaking those in front, and keep at least two steps apart.
  • Maintain a safe distance to the edge of the platform or roadway when the train/bus arrives, and do not approach the gates before passengers have alighted the train/bus. 
  • Uber drivers are only allowing 3 passengers to avoid having a front seat passenger. (Always wear a mask).
  • Rules in normal taxis vary and they may take a full car. (Always wear a mask).
  • Don't be caught out on rental equipment such as scooters and bikes, where you must also wear a mask.

In bars and restaurants

COVID-19 rules in Spain

Restaurants, cafes and bars have finally reopened in Spain. With seating arrangments to allow a safe dining experience, you can still enjoy the flavours of Spanish cuisine this summer.

What to do:

  • Wait to be seated (inside and outside) the waiter will direct you to where it is safe to sit.
  • Once you have been seated, it is not obligatory to wear your mask.
  • If you are seated outside, to enter the establishment you must disinfect your hands (sanitiser is provided by the door) and put on your mask.
  • Many places are not handing out menus. Instead, they have a QR code where you can view the menu.
  • Be aware that some establishments are still not permitting people to dine/drink-in.

In supermarkets and shops

COVID-19 rules in Spain

The majority of shops, markets and supermarkets are open again in Spain. With the "new normal" regulations, you are free to shop in the markets for fresh produce and pick up a little holiday souvenir.

What to do:

  • Take note of the signs outside of these establishments, many indicate how many people are allowed inside at one time.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided to disinfect hands before entering. 
  • Keep a safe distance if you have to queue to enter.
  • Always wear a mask inside.
  • Be aware that some fitting rooms in clothes shops will be closed.
  • It's obligatory to wear gloves in supermarkets. (Provided at the door). 
  • Do not touch the produce on display at the markets.
  • Maintain a safe distance once inside.
  • Use hand santitiser again on the way out. 

The COVID-19 dictionary

Mascarilla - Mask

Guantes - Gloves 

Aforo - Capacity

Alcohol en gel - Hand sanitiser

Por favor guarde la distancia de seguridad - Please maintain a safe distance

Es obligatorio el uso de guantes - It is obligatory to wear gloves

Es obligatorio el uso de mascarilla - It is obligatory to wear a mask

Espere a ser atendido en la puerta - Please wait to be attended to

Espere su turno - Wait your turn

El aforo máximo es de X personas - The maximum capacity is X

Por favor desinfectese las manos al entrar - Please disinfect your hands before entering

Por favor no toque los productos - Please don't touch the products


**Please note this is not an exhaustive list, and is subject to change. Please take into consideration that some regulations may differ, depending on the region you are holidaying in. You should always check local information with the tourism board.