Tarragona with Kids: Fantastic Holidays with the Family

Tarragona is full of history, culture and opportunities for fun and entertainment, making it an ideal destination for a unique family holiday.
It's very easy to get to Tarragona from to two nearest airports of Reus and Barcelona. From Reus airport to Tarragona it's 14km and from Barcelona it's 87km. It's not always easy to find a suitable destination for a family holiday, since usually there are so many criteria to fill in order to keep both children and adults entertained.
Roman Amphitheatre, Tarragona
Our quick guide to enjoying a Tarragona holiday with children will hopefully give an introduction to the area, as well as some ideas for holiday plans.

Explore the Architecture of Tarragona

If there's one thing which really stands out about Tarragona, it's the Roman archaeological site - remains of the impressive city of Tarraco. Visiting Tarragona's monuments like the Roman amphitheatre and circus and exploring the city walls are both great ideas which are both fun and educational. In Tarragona, all members of the family can learn and enjoy the city at the same time, which paints a detailed picture of the history of the Mediterranean.    
One of the places which is more popular with the kids is the Parc Ecohistoric del Pont del Diable or The Eco-Historic Park of Pont Del Diable, which is located on the outskirts of the city. The most impressive feature of the Eco-Historic Park is the Roman aqueduct called the Pont del Diable or Devil's Bridge, which was built in the 1st century AD to carry water to the city of Tarraco. The Eco-Historic Park is full of hiking routes and picnic areas so it's a great option for outdoor family activities.
Old Town, Tarragona
To discover the streets and history of the medieval and modern old town, a couple of fun travel options are renting a segway or boarding the mini tourist train. Companies like "Segway Tarragona" offer guided tours with history and stories of the city. Reserve a holiday home in Tarragona and be surprised by this city's charm, which earned Tarragona the UNESCO World Heritage site certification in 2000.

Sun, Beach and Nature in the Costa Dorada

The 15 kilometres of Tarragona's coast are full of golden beaches with clear, shallow waters. Beaches like Playa de los Capellanes, El Miracle and Playa de la Arrabassada have plenty of facilities and are completely safe, thus, they have all been awarded the Blue Flag.
Altafulla, Tarragona
A great way to plan your beach holiday on Tarragona's beautiful coastline is to alternate between days of relaxation by the sea and days of adventure and new experiences with the family. In Tarragona, we can submerge ourselves beneath the waves by trying diving or snorkelling classes, exploring this part of the Costa Dorada with marine excursions or take to the skies during a microlight flight. There's plenty to enjoy in Tarragona, especially if we travel with children.  
The hiking routes of Tarragona deserve their own special mention, perfect for discovering on foot, bike or horse. The Red de Caminos de Tarragona or Tarragona Hiking Network consists of 75km of old walking routes which were once used for connecting the coastal towns and patrolling the coast. The routes are all signposted and are the perfect place to do some hiking or sports whilst enjoying the magnificent natural landscapes of Tarragona.
Playa La Mora, Tarragona
If you have the opportunity, we encourage you to do the Ruta del Cister walking route, which connects three 12th century monasteries. The monasteries are all in fantastic condition and a visit will transport us to a long lost world. Due to it's beauty and importance, the Santa Maria del Poblet monastery has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Surrounding these monasteries is the Sierra de Montsant Natural Park, which is also full of fantastic hiking routes that wind through the park's breathtaking nature and landscapes.
Santa Creus Monastery
If there are any speed demons in the family, you can enjoy a day at the circuits of Tarraco Karting which has outdoor tracks so you can enjoy the sun while you race.
Calle de la Mercería, Tarragona
For a really unique experience that will definitely surprise the children, make time to visit the Sirenas Mediterranean Mermaid Academy. The school offers visitors the chance to transform into colourful mermaids with big beautiful tails, which you can practice with first in a swimming pool before moving to the sea.

Workshops and Activities for Children in Tarragona's Museums

With so much ancient heritage in this city, it's normal that we can find some of the best museums in Catalonia in Tarragona. The Tarragona National Archaeological Museum (MNAT) is the perfect place to take the family and learn about the Roman culture and see some of the most impressive Roman remains uncovered in ancient Tarraco.     
For the smallest members of the family, MNAT offers it's very own educational project called "The Tarragona National Archaeological Museum: A Journey into Roman Culture". The project consists of activities, guided visits, theatre acts, games, cinema showings, workshops and educational speeches all related with the museum's collections which endeavour to divulge the Roman culture in interesting, entertaining and engaging ways.
The Tarragona National Archaeological Museum
Another place definitely worth a visit is the Tarragona Port Museum which is filled with exhibits about the fishing history of Tarragona, the lighthouses and the famous fishing neighbourhood of Serrallo. During the summer months, you can take part in a night tour around the Serrallo neighbourhood. 
Pont del Diable Aqueduct
Not very far from Tarragona we come across the village of Espluga de Francoli, which is home to the magnificent Cave Museum of Font Major or Cova de L'Espluga. In the Cave Museum we can find out all about the areas prehistoric past with the help of a guide. In the same little village, we'll find the Museum of La Vida Rural or The Rural Life Museum, where we can see how life was here 100 years ago without electricity or technology.

The Best Fiestas and Events for Kids in Tarragona

A great way to keep the kids entertained during a Tarragona holiday is to take them along to one of the area's many festivals, which have lots of special activities and workshops tailored towards entertaining the little ones. 
One of the best events in the area is Tarracoviva, which celebrates Tarragona's history during the Roman period, back when it was known as Tarraco. It's held every May and features theatrical performances, gladiator fights, exhibitions and workshops - it's great for the kids as it's both fun and educational. 
Los Castells Festival, Tarragona
Another great event which deserves a mention is the Concurso Internacional de Fuegos Artificiales de Tarragona or the Tarragona International Firework Competition. It is held at the end of June and promises spectators a marvellous display of colour and light, as the fireworks illuminate the star-filled sky. 
Castell Human Towers
One way of getting to know the amazing Catalonia folklore and culture is through attending one of its best festivals: The Sant Magi festival in August and the Santa Tecla festival in September. During the days of the festivals the streets fill with people dressed up, playing with fireworks, fire and sparklers, live music and the Castells human towers. Tarragona is actually home to the International Castell Human Tower Competition - discover more about it in our list of the weirdest festivals in Spain.

Tarragona's Final Surprise: Theme Parks

The cherry on the cake and no doubt the best way to end a Tarragona holiday, is to spend a fun day at one of it's theme parks. The best theme park in the area is without a doubt PortAventura, which is coincidentally also the best theme park in Spain and is located just 12km from Tarragona. The park suits all ages and has special areas for children.  
Also, less than 10 minutes drive from Tarragona is the Aquopolis water park which offers a selection of rides and pools, perfect for keeping the family cool and entertained through the summer days. For adults there's also a Hawaii-themed relaxation area, complete with a white sand beach and straw umbrellas.
Port Aventura
The fascinating heritage and endless amount of fun activities in Tarragona, make it the perfect destination for a family holiday. The Costa Dorada guarantees days of sun and warmth, so book your family holiday home in Tarragona and prepare your family for a holiday they'll never forget.