The Beaches of Torremolinos - Playa de la Carihuela

Only a few meters from the central Playa del Bajondillo lies Playa de la Carihuela, the largest beach in Torremolinos.

Playa de la Carihuela

Torremolinos, Playa de la Carihuela

Perhaps most importantly, this beach offers ideal conditions for swimming with its sheltered, clear, and shallow waters. It is further complete with an extensive list of offered amenities, and is thus frequented by families, couples, and all those looking for a laid-back day by the sea. 

Torremolinos, Playa de la Carihuela

Similar to the other beaches in the area, La Carihuela is characterized by its dark but abundant sand. The beach is approximately 2,100 meters wide and 40 meters long. Being to the immediate west of Torremolinos, La Carihuela is a very popular area, and is often crowded in high-season despite its vast size! Parking nearby can be quite tricky during the busy months of June to August. 


Torremolinos, Playa de la Carihuela

The services near the beach are exhaustive. La Carihuela is one of the best equipped beaches in the area; some of these services include sun bed rentals, access for the disabled, lifeguard attendance, water equipment rentals, play areas for kids, public toilets, and outdoor showers. 

Puerto Marina, the modern marina of neighboring Benalmadena, can be found at the far west end of the beach. This area further offers everything from sailing and diving lessons, boat and catamaran rentals, as well as countless shops, restaurants, and day activities (such as the famous Sea Life Aquarium).

Torremolinos, Playa de la Carihuela

The promenade that runs along the beaches is one of the busiest areas in Torremolinos; grab a bite to eat at one of the many beach bars located on the promenade, and be sure to sample some of the Costa del Sol's fresh seafood! Affordable prices and beach views while you dine, what more could you ask for?

The promenade is popular all year round, thanks to the moderate temperatures of southern Spain. Even in winter, many people walk, cycle, or skateboard along the beach while others simply find a bench to bathe in the annual sunshine.

How to get to the beach

The beach is easily accessible on foot from the center of Torremolinos; head down the stairs that are lined with shops leading to the waterfront of Bajondillo, and then continue westward past the rocky promontory (Punta de Torremolinos) by way of the promenade. Alternatively, you can access La Cariheula from Benalmadena by heading north-east from Puerto Marina.

If you are traveling by car, take the road called MA-21 "Carretera de Cadiz" in the direction of Benalmadena. Once in Torremolinos, pass the center and just before the entry to Benalmadena, look for the left turn that leads to Avenida Carlota Alessandri. Once you turn and are heading north, almost every right turn will take you to the beach. In mid- and low-season, finding a parking spot near the waterfront shouldn't be difficult. 

Torremolinos is also accessible by underground train from the center of Malaga. The trains leave every 20 minutes. Journey time is approximately 20 minutes and the price of a round-trip ticket is around 4 €. For more information on stations and times, you can visit this page.