The Best Beaches of Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar in the province of Girona is not just a beautiful coastal town, it also has lots of beautiful bays and the coastline boasts gorgeous natural surroundings and rock formations. The scenery looks like something from a postcard, an image that will make your holiday on the Costa Brava an experience hard to forget. 


Tossa de Mar and Playa Gran


Discover the best beaches close to Tossa de Mar in our guide. The beaches furthest away are just 6km from the town, both to the north and the south. We'll start with the ones up north and then continue our list going down to the south (see the map at the end). 

1. Cala Futadera

Cala Futadera, Tossa de Mar


6km to the north of Tossa de Mar, this little 100 metre by 10 metre bay can be found. It is not crowded, there are no facilities and it is a good option for nudists.


Due to the shallow, turquoise-coloured water and unique seabed, you will find many colours and contrasts that make this beach unique, we also recommend that you go in the morning when the sun rises.


The best way to see the colour palette of this beach is from the top, which is possible as the bay is also called "the bay of 300 steps". This bay is a pearl and a typical image of beaches on the Costa Brava: crystal clear water, a rocky area and fragrant pine forests.


How to get there:

Cala Futadera is located next to the road that connects Tossa de Mar with Sant Feliu. After a while the road stops, after which you continue by foot along the stairways in the rocks. We wouldn´t say it´s a dangerous route, however, we do advise against going with children, people with a fear of heights or people that have physical limitations. 

2. Cala Giverola

Cala Giverola, Tossa de Mar


About 5km north of Tossa you can enjoy this horseshoe-shaped bay which is nestled in the middle of nature. The inviting blue and green colours and the golden sand make this beach a great spot to spend the day. 


It is approximately 170 metres long and the width varies from 15 to 50 metres. There are many facilities that will make your day at the beach extra pleasant, such as showers, umbrella rental, sun beds, kayaks and boats. In case you feel less adventurous and don't want to operate a boat yourself, then a glass-bottomed boat will take you for a trip along the coast. Afterwards, you can replenish with a delicious meal at the restaurant which has a terrace and a view of the bay. If you fancy eating on the beach, then try one of the beach bars or chiringuitos. 


Don´t forget to bring your diving gear and your underwater camera! The water is quite deep and is perfect to for exploring the underwater life. If you want to see the bay from even further up, then hiking up one of the mountains is the best way to do it. 


How to get there:

This beach is easy to access, it is one of the most convenient ones to reach by car. The beautiful town of Pola-Giverola can be seen from the road between Tossa de Mar and Sant Feliu. However, there is no option to park your car next to the beach. 

3. Cala Pola

4 kilometres north from Tossa this beach can be found, next to a campsite of the same name. This bay has one of the most typical landscapes of the Costa Brava. 


How to get there:

Cala Pola is located at the beginning of the GI-682 road, between Tossa and Sant Feliu de Guíxols. You can get there by foot from the city centre of Tossa, however, the directions are not very clear. It is a lot easier if you go by car: just follow the signs indicating ´Camping Pola´. In summer, the parking area tends to get full fast, so arrive early. From this car park, it's just 350 metres to the beach. 

4. Cala Bona

Cala Bona, Tossa de Mar


Approximately 3 km north from Tossa this small inlet can be found. There is not a lot of space to put down your towel, but it is a great spot for snorkelling and diving. The rocky walls that surround this beach ensure that you are protected from the wind and high waves.  


Despite the limited amount of space and accessibility, this beach is a great choice. The atmosphere in summer is amazing, especially at one of the chiringuitos or beach bars. The landscape is idyllic, as the beach is hidden among the many rocks and pine trees. 


How to get there:

The best way to get to the beach is by boat, however this is of course not an option for everyone. It's just a 5-minute walk from the centre of Tossa del Mar and you can also reach it from the neighbouring Calas de Pola and Giverola. The latter option is great if you want to enjoy a relaxed 15-minute walk through the fragrant forest. 

5. Mar Menuda

Menuda Beach, Tossa de Mar


After Playa Gran, this is the most popular beach of Tossa de Mar and there are many facilities and activities like diving. The quality of the water is approved and even received the Blue Flag certification, which ensures the good quality. You can check out this beach on our Tossa de Mar video (from 2:45).  


At the northern end there's a small bay, that's known as ´la bañera de las mujeres´ aka the women's bath. The water is shallow and quiet, which is a perfect spot to take the children on a sunny beach day.  


How to get there:

The beach is easy to access, as it is just a couple of minutes away from Tossa´s city centre and so it's no surprise that this beach tends to get quite crowded. 

6. Playa Gran

Platja Gran Tossa

This is the most well-known beach of Tossa de Mar, as it is located in the centre and next to the emblematic medieval towers and the old part of Vila Vella. It is a definite eye-catcher and one of the most photographed beaches on the Costa Brava. 


The beach has a half moon shape and is approximately 385 metres long. It has clear, calm water and all the facilities you might need. It also has the Blue Flag award and was on National Geographic´s list of ´25 Best Beaches in the World´ in 2013.


Parking your car is not always easy in summer. The boulevard runs along the whole length of the beach, up to the access point to the old city centre on the southern end.

7. Playa d'es Codolar

Playa D'es Codolar, Tossa de Mar


On the other side of the Cabo de Tossa at the foot of the walled city area, is the Playa d’es Codolar - a beach which runs about 60-80 metres long. You can see this beach from the top of Vila Vella’s 50 metre high walls. 


The medieval architecture of Tossa de Mar against the breathtaking natural scenery of the surrounding environment is truly spectacular. 


This bay is conveniently sheltered from the northern wind, the water here is clean but gets deep very quickly and the sand is dotted with colourful fishing boats. Under the waves there’s lots of beautiful fish and plant life to see, making it the perfect destination for snorkelling.  


How to get there: 

If you are coming from Tossa Old Town, the beach is just a few minutes walk via the Calle del Portal del Socors which is a main street full of shops and restaurants. If you stop too long in the shops be prepared for a packed beach when you arrive, because this beach is extremely popular and during the summer months this beach gets very busy, very quickly. 


The great thing about this beach’s central location is the amount of amenities available including beach restaurants called chiringuitos, sun loungers and kayak rental. 


8. Cala Llevadó

This popular beach is located about 3km south of Tossa de Mar and is 65 metres in length and 35 metres in width. It’s a very typical Costa Brava beach with golden sand, turquoise water, rocky walls and pine forests which almost come down to the water. This beach is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and offers a true feeling of relaxation, away from the sounds of people and traffic.   


Due to the beach’s size and location there aren’t a lot of amenities but there is kayak rental available so you can explore the coastline. This beach is also perfect for snorkelling because the sea here is crystal clear and the seabed is rocky and full of fish and plants. 


How to get there: 

You can get to this beach by taking the GI-682 which connects Tossa de Mar with the nearby town of Lloret de Mar. Turn right when you see a sign for Camping Llevado, where you can leave the car and it’s just a 10 minute walk from here to the beach. 


Due to the proximity of this beach to the campsite and many hotels, the beach is very popular and in the summer it can often be very crowded with tourists. The prices at the beach bars are a bit higher than other areas but the portion sizes and varied menu make up for this.


9. Cala d'en Carlos

This lovely beach boasts soft, golden sand and crystal clear water and you can get to it via the road from Cala Llevado. It’s surrounded by two impressive rocky walls, on the other side of which is the adjoining beach Cala Figuera to the south. 


This beach is 125 metres long and 55 metres wide making it one of the biggest beaches in the area and offers plenty of amenities like and showers and chiringuitos. 


This beach remains “untouched”, in the sense that there are no conurbations nearby, built up areas or a promenade; everything is kept very clean and for that reason the beach has the Blue Flag certification. The road that goes to the neighbouring Cala Llevado beach offers travellers a beautiful view of the Santa Maria de Llorell Bay, as well as both Calla Llevado and Cala Figuera. 


How to get there:

Due to this beach's location you can’t get to it by car, the only ways are by foot or by boat. You can leave the car in the nearby secure car park which is located on the GI-682 (Lloret - Tossa) road or there’s also a bus stop about 800 metres from the beach which services the Lloret-Tossa line.


10. Cala Figuera

This tiny little pebble beach is just 20 metres long and 5 metres wide and is nestled in the middle of nature between the Cala d'en Carlos and the Playas de Llorel, 3km south of Tossa de Mar. This beach is popular amongst nudists and it generally quite quiet all year round including during the summer months.


How to get there:

You can only access this beach on foot so the best thing to do is leave the car at the Cala Llevado campsite and walk down.


11. Playas de Llorel

You could consider these two Llorel beaches (Levant and Garbi) as one large beach. They have plenty of facilities, especially for water sports and are located about 3.5km south of Tossa de Mar. 


How to get there:

The area surrounding the beach is residential, making it hard to park close by but it’s easy to get there by foot it you park a bit further away. 


12. Porto Pi

Porto Pi beach is in the same bay as the Playas de Llorel beaches, but due to it’s location at the foot of a giant cliff it’s a bit harder to access by foot. For that reason, it’s considerably quieter than the other beaches in this bay. There are homes nearby but they hardly cause any disturbance because they are nestled right up in the cliffs.  


How to get there:

You can get there via a footpath that runs from the Santa Maria de Llorell beach, southwards along the Roca Negra or 'Black Rock'.


The last beach in Tossa de Mar is the rugged Cala Morisca which is also surrounded on all sides by nature. 


There’s a number of lovely beaches to discover along the coast of Tossa de Mar and the surrounding area. It’s definitely worth spending some time exploring and discovering the hidden spots of this little paradise.  

A good example is the beautiful Cala Salionç beach which is located just north of Tossa de Mar.


13. Cala Salionç

About 7km north of Tossa de Mar, lies Cala Salionç. It’s a true natural oasis as it's almost untouched, making it ideal for snorkelling. Despite its small size (the beach is about 80 metres wide and about 40 metres long) and the relatively small crowds that come here, there’s actually a few nice facilities at Cala Salionç, including a beach restaurant, showers and a lifeguard. At the northern end of the beach there’s a great spot where you can enjoy the sunrise. 


Litoral de Tossa de Mar 

In Tossa de Mar you will find beautiful bays surrounded by green landscapes and full of unspoilt beaches. If you would like to discover more of the history and culture of the Costa Brava area, there’s loads of beautiful places to choose from, such as beautiful Besalú - a fantastic medieval town.


Now you know the best beaches in this area, all you need now is the perfect holiday home in Tossa de Mar so you can explore all the beaches and everything this beautiful town has to offer.