Pindongos treetop adventure park, Malaga

Treetop adventure parks are a relatively new phenomenon to the Costa del Sol and the province of Malaga. 

It all started with the opening of Amazonia in Marbella a few years back. Amazonia’s exceptional popularity has staggered all, including the promoters themselves. 

Pindongos treetop adventure park

It is of little surprise that outdoor adventure parks have struck a chord with local demand. With over 320 days of sunshine a year and some of Spain's most beautiful and mountainous landscape, people are increasingly beginning to appreciate the beauty that sits right on their doorstep. 

And most importantly, to appreciate ways to get the whole family out and enjoying it. 

Pindongos treetop adventure park

Pindongos treetop adventure park

There are no two ways around it, treetop adventure parks are a lot of fun. Hanging off cables, crossing various kinds of hanging bridges, swinging tree trunks, ziplines, via ferrata routes and many more fun things in-between. The sensation of being high up in the canopy, shooting from tree to tree is like no-other.  

Children, in particular, will have the time of their lives. 

Pindongos treetop adventure park

The Pindogo adventure park is a far cheaper and ‘wilder’ version than its more popular coastal cousins.

The park was founded and is run by the local mountaineering club - la cabra tira al monte (translated as 'the goat shoots to the mountains!'). It was founded by people who have a deep respect and love for the outdoors. 

Pindogo has a completely different feel to it than its more 'commercial’ counterparts. The emphasis is on learning and on adventure with a capital A.

Pindongos treetop adventure park

The people behind it are all professional mountaineers, who really have a 'hands-on' approach. You aren't clocked in, handed a harness and set on your way. There are no souvenir shops, or life-size speaking mascots. Actually, there is nothing at all. Just you and nature.

Children are expected to learn everything from putting on their own equipment, clipping themselves in safely and are taught a healthy respect for adventure activities. Safety is paramount and a monitor usually comes with each child (on the smallest course there is no need - they can follow on foot).

The installations

The park is divided into three routes: green, yellow and red. Green being the easiest and red the most technical. All three provide some interesting challenges. 

The only real difference is the height, which adds to the physiological difficulty. 

Pindongos treetop adventure park

The red one is a good 15m high. Technically they are all similar. The green is probably more technically demanding and even includes a small via ferrata route at the end. 

As its only a few metres off the ground, even the youngest members of the family can enjoy the experience first-hand. 

Pindongos treetop adventure park

The only limitation for a child is height. A minimum height of 1m40 is needed for the red route, or an adult to accompany and help them clip them in (they wouldn't reach otherwise). 

The three routes are spread over 700m and include 8 ziplines, 25 hanging bridges, one small via ferrata and numerous other 'obstacles.' 


You couldn't hope for a more stunning location, the park is set in a 'Aula de la naturaleza' in the heart of the Sierra de los Camarolos. 

An exceptionally beautiful natural area just above the village of Villanueva del Trabucco. Thick pine forests, jagged peaks and some the most untouched countryside in the province of Malaga. 

Pindongos treetop adventure park

The hiking is second is none with several set routes leading off into the surrounding mountains. For the more adventurous/experienced there is also a fantastic via ferrata route in the vicinity. 

As mentioned above, this is mountain country. There are no installations, other than a picnic area. Bring everything you need with you. There are plans to have a small restaurant, but at the time of writing, there was nothing. 

Prices and getting there

Pindogos is situated in the mountains about 5kms from Villanueva del Trabucco. It is not continually manned. You need to phone beforehand (+34 665765304 Javier or 656447289 Jesús). 

Unlike many other adventure parks. The prices are very reasonable and are set according to route, not time. We spent all day there, bringing a picnic, going for walks and enjoying the day out in nature. 

The green route circuit costs 5€, the yellow 6€ and the red 7€. You can do two routes for 10€. They also offer group discounts and a special prices for birthday celebrations (around 80€). For more information, see the website here

Drive into the centre of Villanueva del Trabucco - map. Follow the river upwards into the mountains. There are signs for a campsite (that never existed), but follow the signs. The road quickly becomes a track leading into the mountains. Always keep right and climbing. Eventually there is a fork in the track, you can go straight or rightwards - go rightwards. The park should be visible. If lost, ask for the camping. Pindogos is built on the site that was proposed for the campsite.

Things to do nearby

Just a couple kilometres away is the beautiful Fuente de los Cien Caños (the fountain of hundred sprouts). The source of Guadalhorce river forms a spectacular waterfall. Another protected natural monument in Andalusia. 

A visit to the nearby villages is also recommended. Villanueva del Trabucco and Villanueva del Rosario are small and very traditional. The nearby village of Riofrio is a great place to stop off for a trout lunch. 

If driving back towards Malaga, the Costa del Sol, a stop in the Torcal natural park is feasible. All in all, a fantastic day out for the whole family!