Andalusia Holiday Rental Licence - Figures So far

Just nine months after the release of the Andalusian Decree for holiday home rental licences (Decree 28/2016), almost 40% of the properties advertised on are now fully licenced.


The highest amount of licence applicants were from the province of Malaga.


We asked our homeowners if they had the licence yet or not and if not, why?


According to our CCO, Jannich Petersen:


“We aim to know and therefore communicate to the Andalusian authorities, what difficulties our homeowners and agents are facing during the registration process when registering their properties on the Tourism Register of Andalusia.

Since the release of the Holiday Rental Law in February 2016, we realised that some of the requirements would be difficult for some of our customers to meet. We hope that with these results, the Department of Tourism in the Junta de Andalusia understand the struggle that our homeowners experience.”


Licences survey andalusia EN

 According to our results:

  • 12% of our homeowners cannot apply for the licence because their property is located in a municipality with a population of less than 20,000. In this case, the property is considered a rural house and therefore is regulated by the Decree 20/2002 of Rural Tourism Property (Vivienda Turística de Alojamiento Rural).

However, all dwellings located in the urban area (of municipalities with a population of less than 20,000) are in a complex situation. These properties are not regulated under the Holiday Rental Law from last February nor the decree of Rural Touristic Property.


  • 6% argues that they don’t want to/can’t install air conditioning in their properties. However, the decree states that it must be installed in every room.

  • Another 6% says that they are located outside Spain, thus, they can’t apply for the Holiday Rental Licence.

  • Only 2% of the homeowners which took the survey stated they are unwilling to apply for the licence.