Apps that help you manage your holiday rental

Smartphones have become an intrinsic element of our daily lives. The presence of these devices in our daily routine has been one of the biggest transformations we have experienced in our society.

But, a smartphone would not be so fundamental to our daily lives if it were not for the apps which allow us to customise and optimise our phones to our own lifestyles and careers.   

In this article, we introduce our favourite apps for managing your holiday rental making sure no small detail is forgotten or overlooked.

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It’s essential to have a well-organized inbox if we want to manage the high volume of emails and enquiries regarding an enquiry, doubts about our calendar or any other issue about our property.


Whether you have an Android or iOS device, Gmail is one of the best applications to organise your tasks and emails. With this app, you can take advantage of the versatility that Google offers for synchronising your email with other applications such as Calendar or Keep. It is the default email app on Android devices and it’s free.


Outlook is Microsoft’s version for managing your email account. This version is the most useful if you have an account with Hotmail service, it gives you the option to synchronise your previous contacts and quickly access your emails and any enquiries you receive. Like Gmail or Mail, this app allows you to change some of the settings.


Mail is an exclusive app for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). With an interface similar to Gmail, Mail allows you to synchronise your mobile device with other platforms like your desktop or tablet.


Internal organisation

Tasks such as managing your check in/check out the calendar, cleaning days and organising any extra services can become quite a lot of work if you have more than one holiday home.  Using a  spreadsheet is an effective way of keeping track of and controlling each task but they aren’t always mobile friendly. 


One of the best apps for capturing ideas in the moment. Evernote allows you to write notes and to-do lists on any topic you need to address. You can organise the content in various formats, from simple text to attachments or images. In addition, you have the option to draw or write without using the keyboard, which facilitates the creation of conceptual maps and the organisation of ideas. Like other similar apps, you can set notes with reminders, which is very useful if you are particularly busy.


Trello is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use apps for generating an attractive work schedule. One particularly interesting feature is the option is visualised the content in different ways either by time scale, by theme or processes. There is the option to create more than one task board and you can add coloured tags as well as synchronise it with Google Calendar and your email account.

Kanban board

iCal y Calendar

Calendar and iCal belong to the Android and iOS systems, respectively. Both apps give users the option of scheduling events or setting reminders and notifications are sent via email, SMS and also through to app itself to our devices.  These apps allow users to organise information into different categories and also to synchronise with other calendars, making it easier to share plans and agendas with colleagues and keep up to date with a full booking calendar.

Tiny Scanner

How many times have you had to send a document and haven’t had a scanner to hand? With this app, you can scan any document with your smartphone’s camera. Most smartphones these days having high-quality cameras, so use this app tease the conversion of images to  PDF.

The Welcome

Check in and check out are two moments of our guest’s stay which require the majority of our time and attention. Preparing everything before the guests arrive including thorough cleaning and a pleasant welcome are crucial tasks that will determine the quality of our accommodation, create the initial impression and probably establish the difference between a positive review and a bad one.

Holiday rental insider's guides


Your guest’s  experience is very important and welcome packs serve to ease your guests settling in process and add a thoughtful, professional touch.

The app allows you to create a personalised travel guide for each guest you have and then send it directly to their personal mobile device. The guide helps to substantially improve the guest’s experience whilst saving you time.

You would be able to create a personalised travel guide for your guests that includes information about your holiday home,  including location, how to get there, house rules and the local neighbourhood, etc. 

Sending a personalised guide through the app to each guest allows you to substantially improve your experience while also saving you time.

Key Deliverys

With a greater desire for being able to control things from our smartphone, we now have the option to access our holiday homes using our phones, eliminating the need for a key. Key delivery apps work in conjunction with a physical object placed in the holiday home, such as a box or lock.

The box or lock is fitted in the home by the homeowner and then the app facilitates the opening and closing of the door. This is either done with a code or by simply placing the phone by the box or lock. Homeowners do not need to change the current locks, the locks can simply be installed above the existing one.  

Smart lock

There are models to suit  all tastes:


The Igloohome app comes with a safe box which can be placed anywhere in the property and is opened either using the app or a code.


The Somfy security system consists of a digital lock which is installed on the door of the property and can be opened with the app and also a bracelet.


Like Somfy, Mutuum also consists of a digital lock which connects to your existing lock to allow access using the app. In addition, this system backup-up batteries as well, in case of a power outage.