Fine tune your holiday home advert

On the search pages of a holiday rentals website, it's common that 15-20 adverts are displayed per page. Who doesn´t love going on holiday_ But the sometimes lengthy process of deciding, researching and booking can be a different matter altogether.

Images sell holidays. So the quality of your photos can make all the difference to the success of your holiday rentals.

Here are some tips & tricks how to increase your revenue of your rentals business.

  • Photos: Great photos will make your advert stand out. If possible use a good camera instead of a smartphone to take your picture. Stage your photos - don´t have unmade beds in the photo, set the table, make it homely and appealing., Upload photos of the inside, outside and surroundings and don’t forget the terrace, the views, the pool. Make sure to upload them in their orginal size and check your photos are up to date; you might have some great photos you took 5 years ago but maybe they now look dated or the surroundings have changed.
  • Keep your calendar up to date: For the guest and for your own business - keep your calendar updated!!! A beautiful house at the right price with a calendar which is not updated is like closing your business. The trend is clear to us; a guest prefers to contact adverts which display an updated calendar. We also have an algorithm in place to control this as much as possible, as we need to avoid disappointments and complaints.
  • Prices: If your rental rates are not updated, obviously this will turn people away immediately. Within your account choose between Fixed and Seasonal Prices according to your needs. To set the rental rates on your home, I advise that you check the rental rates on similar holiday homes in your area. If you have a free week within the coming 3 months, grab the chance of catching a Last Minute booking. You can create this without any additional cost within your account under "Prices".
  • Google Maps: It’s an essential extension to the trust building of your advert. If guests can see where your holiday home is located, they can quickly get an idea if the location is ideal for them. And they no longer feel that the house is just an advert, they get a sense that this is a real house in a real place.
  • Reply Fast: Use our Secure Inbox to reply your guest in a safe way. The quicker you respond, the more likely the enquiry will convert into a booking. You can set up auto replies and use templates to make the Secure Inbox a great tool to work with.
  • Translate your advert: Our system offers the possibility to write the description of your advert in many languages. Especially Germans and French guests love their languages, so if they can read your advert in their language, your will appeal to a wider, more international audience.

For more information on how Spain-Holiday works or specific questions, read our Frequently Asked Questions

A rental business is no different than any other business. The smartest and most hardworking will get results.