Is your holiday home suitable for wheelchairs?

On and on all our other language sites we have a special category for holiday homes that are wheelchair friendly.This category has become subject to some misunderstandings which we would like to try to straighten out. We are receiving an increasing number of complaints from people that, when searching within this category, they are coming across numerous properties that are NOT actually suitable for a wheelchair. More than just the entrance must be accessible with a wheelchair.

People in wheelchairs have special needs that need to be taken into consideration, such as:

  • easy access to and from the house (either with ramps and/or big enough elevators)
  • doors should to be wide enough for a wheelchair to fit through easily
  • a step-in shower
  • ground-floor bedrooms and no steps within the house

It is not JUST a question of easy access into a building or house. On we would like to make the category of “wheelchair suitable holiday homes“ much better, containing ONLY houses that truly reflect people’s special requirements. The list would be far smaller, but would provide a realistic and comfortable holiday home for someone in a wheelchair. With this in mind, please enter into your user account, click on “edit” and make sure the “wheelchair suitable” box is ONLY marked if your home really is suitable for someone in a wheelchair.

Thank you for your collaboration.