La Caleta - A Secret Coastal Getaway in Tenerife South

The charming fishing village of La Caleta is located just a stone's throw away from one of the busiest holiday areas on the island and a must-visit if you are staying in the south of Tenerife. People who are lucky enough to know about this gem, tend to come here and enjoy the best seafood restaurants on the island or to take a dip into the amazingly clear, turquoise-coloured waters. 

From Fishing Village to Seafood Haven

La Caleta, Tenerife

La Caleta is situated on the southwest coast of Tenerife, near popular holiday destination Adeje Costa. It takes about an hour to walk to La Caleta from there, you can also reach the village by car or local bus, from your holiday rental in Los Cristianos or villa in Playa de las Americas

The fishing boats are moored in the bay in front of the village and the fishermen tend to swim rather than sail to shore. La Caleta is home to many foreigners who have decided they want to enjoy the serenity of this village every day. 

Ultimate food Lovers Paradise

La Caleta restaurants

During the last few decades, La Caleta has transformed into a fantastic hotspot for culinary delights in Tenerife. The food-obsessed come here to enjoy some of the best seafood of the island, knock back some local wines and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. 

It's almost impossible to go wrong with the restaurants on offer here, many of which are located next to the sea. Masia del Mar is a family run seafood restaurant. The average cost of eating out in La Caleta is slightly higher than other areas on the island but you can also find some reasonably priced restaurants here, like Varadero in Calle las Artes. 

Seafood in La Caleta

Many come here to enjoy the spectacular sunsets. Every evening people gather to witness the last of the daily sun disappear behind the neighbouring island of La Gomera

Beaches of La Caleta

There are no sandy beaches in La Caleta. The shoreline is rocky, but you can find plenty of stairs, making access to the sea easier. The clarity of the sparkling turquoise waters will invite you to take a dip. 

La Caleta, Tenerife

You can find some breathtaking beaches behind the mountains on the right-hand side of La Caleta. You will have to climb down to reach them and they are not accessible by road. The paths are rough and steep in places, so remember to bring good shoes, some water and snacks with you. 

The first beach you will find is Playa Los Morteros - 25 years ago only a few people on the island knew this place even existed. Morteros is not a sandy beach either, instead, it is a rocky cove where you will find many places where to jump into the clear blue sea. There is also a small hippie community living on the beach, although camping is not permitted here. 

Playa de los Morteros, La Caleta

After Playa de Los Morteros you will come to Playa Diego Hernandez, but you will have to go down the steep, rocky path to reach it. Playa Diego Hernandez has been regularly voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife. 

Diego Hernandez is approximately 80 metres long with powdery white sand. The atmosphere is relaxed, many naturists come here to enjoy the peace and get that all-over tan. 

Playa Diego Hernandez, La Caleta, Tenerife

It is recommended to visit Playa Diego Hernandez during low tide when there is plenty of space for your towel. If it is high tide, you can enjoy the warm Canarian sun on the cliffs with a picnic. 

Diego Hernandez is located next to Golf Costa Adeje. You can also walk here from the lovely village of El Puertito - one of the nicest villages in the south of Tenerife

Traditional Festivals in La Caleta

Traditional fiestas in La Caleta, Tenerife

Every August La Caleta has the traditional celebration of Virgen del Carmen. A religious procession is organised, where the statue of the virgin is accompanied to the beach and placed onto a flower-adorned boat. The virgin is then escorted along the coast by local devotees. The celebration continues until early hours including dancing, music, good food and the inevitable fireworks show. 

Another big fiesta in La Caleta is held in January dedicated to the patron saint of the village - San Sebastian. According to legends, the patron has the power to protect the village against pests and plagues. San Sebastian's celebration is very similar to Virgen del Carmen's procession. The wooden statue of the patron is escorted to La Enramada beach and set sail on an adorned boat. This religious procession is followed by bathing and blessing of animals to ensure their good health. There is a unique charm in the chaos when goats, donkeys, cows, horses and sheep are all ushered into the sea at the same time.

La Caleta´s clear waters

La Caleta's traditional fiestas give travellers the opportunity to experience something authentically Spanish. Although many of these celebrations are essentially religious, they are yet another reason to party until the sun rises in Spain.