5 Fabulous Seaside Villages in Tenerife South

The Canary Islands have always been popular and famous for their fishing culture and history. Tenerife has numerous small villages on its coasts that have managed to maintain some of the feel and atmosphere of a place that was once just a tiny fishing community.

Especially on weekends, the locals on Tenerife come down from their mountainside homes to these small seaside villages and stroll through the twisting streets, looking for the best seafood restaurant

Let us take you to our five favourite fishing villages and towns that will charm your socks off!

El Puertito


Small El Puertito has a laid-back, authentic atmosphere with bobbing fishermans' boats and uninterrupted sea views. This is a place that mass tourism forgot and it offers a true escape from reality. It's quite difficult to find El Puertito on any of the tourist maps of the island. You need to know exactly where it is to find the only rocky road that leads there. 

El Puertito village, Tenerife

Besides El Puertito's beach chiringuito, a tiny church and a statue of the Virgin Mary, there's not a lot to see in the village. Nevertheless, this village is one of the few places left on the island that has a faint fishing village feel. Last but not least, you really can't miss the amazing sunset in El Puertito. For many locals the sunset is the main reason to come here, they finish the day with a nice cold pint in the beach chiringuito and watch the amazing sunset. 

El Médano

El Médano, Tenerife

Probably the first thing that catches your eye when you arrive at Tenerife's southern airport is the massive Montaña Roja mountain which sits next to two of the largest natural beaches on the island, Playa de la Tejita and Playa de Leocadio Machado. Playa de Leocadio Machado belongs to the small seaside town of El Médano, which is one of the best windsurfing and kiteboarding destinations in the world

El Médano, Tenerife

Although El Médano's growing popularity has brought many tourists to town, it is still one of the best places in Tenerife to enjoy a bohemian, easygoing beach life. Here you'll find many high-quality fresh seafood restaurants and enjoy watching the surfers and kite boarders trying to catch the perfect wave.  

La Caleta

La Caleta, Tenerife

Just next to the busy Playa de las Americas lies the small fishing village of La Caleta. You can get here simply by walking down the seaside road from Playa El Duque or by car taking the exit number 79 off the TF-1 motorway and driving towards the coast. This relaxing and easygoing village is the perfect place to spend a moment away from the crowds. 

La Caleta, Tenerife

The beaches in La Caleta are rocky but the stairs that lead to these amazingly turquoise waters makes this one of the best places to swim. Seafood is a star attraction in La Caleta as well. Prices here are a bit higher than in the other villages we've covered so far, but the quality is excellent. If you are feeling adventurous, you can walk up to the remote beach behind the mountain on the right-hand side of the village. There you'll find a small hippie community of beach lovers, who have chosen to pursue their lifestyle under the warm, Canarian sun. 

Los Abrigos

Los Abrigos, Tenerife

Idyllic Los Abrigos is located very close to El Médano and is another gem along the southern coast. This charming place is one of the oldest fishing villages on the island and it's also known for its high-quality seafood restaurants. Los Abrigos really has stood the test of time and maintained a feel of time long gone. Fishing nets lying on the streets, fisherman boats bobbing in the marina and the scent of fresh fish that permeates the air and charms every visitor here.

Los Abrigos

Locals come here on weekends and holidays to treat themselves with some of the best seafood delicacies on the island. It is nice to stroll down the main street and small alleys of this lovely village, admiring the selection of fresh fish in the display cases of the restaurants. There's a small marina just in front of the main street, where the local fishermen drop their catch of the day and then head back out to sea.

Callao Salvaje

Callao Salvaje

Callao Salvaje is located 10 kilometres north from Playa de las Américas. Cosy but never boring, Callao Salvaje is very popular among travellers who look to enjoy some of the best weather conditions on the island, without having to deal with the noise and crowds of busier holiday destinations. This former fishing village has changed tremendously in the last few decades but it has never lost its colourful, small town charm. 

Callao Salvaje, Tenerife

Callao Salvaje's most charming feature is its recently reformed beach. There is a lovely restaurant just in front of the beach, where you can enjoy lunch or some refreshments before you head back to the beach again. 

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