Top 10 Spots to Shop on Gran Canaria

Need some retail therapy? Allow us to share the best areas on Gran Canaria to enjoy a shopping expedition. Where you can find all the labels or an interesting memento of your holiday.

Calle Mayor de Triana

Calle Mayor de Triana

Triana, the calle, is central Las Palmas. It's the city's main shopping street. Calle Mayor de Triana's nearest competitor is Avenida Mesa y López which despite boasting the massive department store, El Corte Inglés, suffers in comparison to its rival by the fact it's not completely pedestrianized.



There's more to Triana than Calle Mayor de Triana, however. It's a barrio, neighbourhood, in its own right and the second oldest in the capital after adjoining Vegueta. And in many ways the more interesting shopping experiences are located off the main drag, for in the sidestreets you'll find gastronomic outlets and quirky boutiques.

Las Terrazas

Las Terrazas

It's impossible to miss Jinámar's open-air Centro Comercial Las Terrazas, located, as it is, off the main GC-1 motorway between the airport and capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. And with its cinema and go-kart track, it's more than a mere shopping centre. Although people mainly come for the chance to pick up bargains at the various outlets. 

El Mirador

Rumour has it that Las Palmas de Gran Canaria were so cheesed off by the opening of Las Terrazas which belongs to second city Telde, that they decided to retaliate with a strategically-located competitor. So El Mirador, The Viewing Point, situated on the other side of the GC-1, was born. Unless the seemingly endless Atlantic's your idea of a view, you'll visit this shopping centre for Primark.

El Tablero

The newest of Gran Canaria's centros comerciales, El Tablero Shopping Center opened in the southern town of the same name in March 2013. A three-story layout houses high-street names such as Zaras. The views from the top floor which is exclusively for dining extend to Sonnenland and the mountains beyond. 

Siete Palmas

When local football side UD Las Palmas de Gran Canaria decided to move out of their Alcaravaneras home, it was to the new suburb of Siete Palmas. And the Estadio de Gran Canaria's a mere goal kick away from the Centro Comercial y de Ocio 7 Palmas. As well as the usual brand-name suspects, 7 Palmas' home to a mini theme park in Mundo Mágico and sports centre in 7Palmas Padel Club.


The Centro Comercial Atlántico Vecindario's part of another new development. A stress-free shopping centre, it has space for 2,000 vehicles and also offers free WIFI. The centre opened its doors for business back in 2000.

El Muelle

El Muelle

1734km away from Madrid, El Muelle's altogether closer to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's Parque Santa Catalina. On the top floor, you can dance the night away at a club. Other leisure facilities including an amusement arcade and bowling alley.


Shopping Center Varadero

Located in Gran Canaria's upmarket Meloneras, where there's a greater concentration of five-star hotels than anywhere else on the island, El Varadero's open from 10:00am-10:00pm. And so it aims to appeal for visitors with a more substantial budget. So you'll find jewellers here along with exclusive boutiques.

Las Arenas

Centro Comercial Las Arenas

Centro Comercial Las Arenas is both the most northerly and most westerly of all the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria shopping centres. Its main entrance is off the GC-2 motorway. At Christmas time, look out for the temporary ice-skating rink.