Guide to gorgeous Guardamar beaches

Golden sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, crystal-clear seas, a scenic marina with fish market and restaurants, plus its location near two beautiful pink and blue salt lakes have turned Guardamar del Segura into a top beach holiday destination.

Driving into Guardamar del Segura, you will be surrounded by unusual natural beauty spots.

Guardamar is in a very privileged position for nature lovers with the sea, great beaches, attractive salt lakes, dunes and pine forests providing a beautiful landscape coupled with the sweet scent of pine.

Torrevieja salt lagoon

As you drive through Santa Pola, on both sides of the road are salt lakes, along with large white hills made of salt. This is a major industry for Santa Pola and Torrevieja with more than 700,000 tonnes of salt being produced each year.

Heading towards Guardamar and the marina, you will drive alongside the Segura river, which starts in the province of Jaen and through Murcia before meeting the sea at Guardamar.

The river was once heavily polluted but has been cleaned up.

Now the river has sprung back to life to play a big part in the local farming industry as well as providing a home for fish, eels and otters.

River Segura at Guardamar

Along the river banks of the Segura are little boats owned by local people for sailing or fishing.

Its riverside position explains how Guardamar got its name as the guardian of the sea (In Spanish guarder is to guard and mar is sea).

Guardamar del Segura marina

Marvel at the marina

At the mouth of the river are Guardamar’s marina, yacht club and dunes. It’s a lovely walk so park your car here and head down to the marina.

Do a circuit of the marina through part of the dunes where there is a wooden walkway leading you through the trees and colourful flowers back to your car.

It takes about 20 minutes at a gentle stroll and is suitable for all the family.

The marina is fairly compact with small motor boats, fishing boats and larger yachts. Here you will also find the fish market, perfect for shopping for the freshest local fish and shellfish, as well as a restaurant.

Guardamar del Segura marina

Guardamar is the ideal spot for practising water sports including sailing, wind-surfing, kayaking or jet-skiing. The shallow waters are great for snorkelling too.

Dunes bring even more beauty to the coast

These dunes were created specifically to create a barrier between the beach and the lakes to stop sand moving inland and threatening the salt production.

Guardamar del Segura dunes

As well as being an important ecological feature, the dunes have added to the beauty of the coastline, particularly the stretch from the Pinet beach, by the Santa Pola salt lakes, up to the Segura river.

You can enjoy a longer circular stroll, although still an easy family walk, through the entire 6.2kms of dunes.

But the best is yet to come as Guardamar’s priceless features are its beautiful, golden beaches.

Guardamar del Segura beaches

The sand is super soft so perfect for sunbathing or for playing with the kids. Guardamar del Segura has some of the top beaches on the Costa Blanca but it’s large enough for all visitors.

The dunes provide a natural backdrop for the 11 kilometres of beach which Guardamar has to offer.

The different beaches have different attractions and all are definitely worth exploring.

Dunes and nudes at Tossals beach

Tossals beach is an unspoiled naturist beach on the north bank of the Segura river. Its fine sand and the quality of the water as well as thick vegetation and natural dunes have been the main attractions for nudists.

Length: 1,661 m

Sands of time at Vivers beach

Open, unspoilt beach next to the Segura river to the north and Babilonia beach to the south.

It has two kilometres of soft, fine sand and an important dune area with historic, archaeological sites.

Length: 1,210 m

Guardamar del Segura beaches

Babilonia beach with beautiful houses

Between the central beach and Vivers is the interesting Babilonia (Babylon) beach. Its main attraction is the houses of Babylon, which are gorgeous little beachfront villas decorated with amazing tiles.

Length: 1,060 m

Centre beach is fine and sandy

This is nearest to the town centre so is the ideal spot to head for after hitting the shops or Guardamar's market.

The Blue Flag beach is found at the southern edge of the dunes. It's a pretty beach with fine sand and clear waters.

Near to the beach is the picturesque Reina Sofia park.

Length: 427 m

Miles of tiles at the Reina Sofia park

This fabulous park is great for relaxing, people watching or letting the children play. It has fountains, lakes and woods to explore.

Reina Sofia park, Guardamar del Segura

The park is perfect for getting out of the sun while enjoying another natural oasis in Guardamar.

The park is home to peacocks, red squirrels, ducks, turtles and other birds.

There's also a children's play area with swings and slides.

The Reina Sofia park would not look out of place in Barcelona with its ornate tiles, particularly the tiles and seats provided all around the edge.

It’s a beautiful park with a café so you can enjoy lunch or bring a picnic to share under the shade of a tree.

Dreamy La Roqueta beach

A little bit further south is La Roqueta beach which also boasts a vast expanse of very soft sand that your feet sink into as you walk down to the water's edge-

Guardamar del Segura beaches

This is what you dream of when you think of a beach holiday - fine sand with shallow waters which are safe for paddling or for heading out for a swim.

This Blue Flag beach is accessible for people with disabilities. There's a little climbing frame for children as well as bars and restaurants nearby.

Length: 1,164 m

Peaceful Montcaio beach

If you're looking for a bit of peace, the Blue Flag beach of Montcaio is a more secluded area with its dunes and fine golden sand, just to the south of central Guardamar.

Length: 1,451 m

Guardamar beach, Alicante

Spot for sunbathing at Camp beach

Another quiet spot for sunbathing is the beautiful Camp beach with golden sand, a large area of dunes and pine trees. The trees provide a buffer between the beach and buildings so it is lovely and quiet.

Length: 2,021 m

Blue seas at golden Ortigues beach

Heading further south towards Torrevieja is another beach which is definitely worth visiting. Its picture-postcard perfect with fine golden sand and dunes where the Mediterranean is a rich and intense shade of blue.

Length: 1,457 m

How to get to Guardamar del Segura

From Alicante airport: Get on to the N338 and then on to the N332. You will be following signs to Santa Pola and Torrevieja. From the N332 take the CV-895 exit into Guardamar del Segura. It will take about 35 minutes.

From Murcia-San Javier airport: Get on the AP7 and follow the AP7 and N332 north to Torrevieja and Alicante. From the N332 take the CV-895 exit to Guardamar. It will take about 40 minutes