Mojácar: Playa de Cueva del Lobo

This enchanting stretch of coast on the Costa Almeria is a real Robinson Crusoe beach and is located right in the tourist resort Mojácar Playa. This part of the coast is hidden under the overhanging cliffs and consists of several small caves, which are called “Cuevas” in Spanish. In these little caves only two or a maximum of three people would fit. But as soon as somebody gets in the cave, he will have the feeling of being far away. Steep cliffs rise up behind the beach and in front of it you can see the glittering paradisiacal sea. A pure nature experience! 
Cliff and Playa Cueva del Lobo

Playa Cueva del Lobo – The wolf cave?!

Cueva del Lobo is translated as the “Wolf Cave”, but wolves never existed on this area. The beach was actually named after a beautiful house, which was one of the first houses to be built on this coast in the early 1960s. It was a retreat of a pianist, who would spend time in the "Wolf Cave" next to the sea and he would devote himself to his music and backed away from the exhilarating world for a while. Nowadays the house is still standing, beautiful eucalyptus and pine trees grow in front of it and a wall protects it from the street and the tourists. The villa is also next to a riding school where you can rent horses for riding tours on the beach.
On the beach below the steep cliff you will find fine sand, a few pebbles and impressive volcanic rocks. On a good 50 metres away from the beach stands a rock with a plateau in the sea, where you can swim out to, sunbathe on it and snorkel around it. You will often find fish romp about rocks like these and in winter the cormorants will sit on it and dry their wings. When the waves are a bit rough, it is, however, quite difficult to climb on the rocks and also not completely safe and recommended.

A beautiful sand beach with caves and a nudist part

View from the cave on Playa Cueva del Lobo

Playa Cueva del Lobo is one of the less-visited beaches in Mojácar Playa, which has a coastal zone with a total of 17 km of beaches. The northern part of the coast is the most beautiful in my opinion, because it is not visible from the street and you will hardly find anyone around there.
You can walk on foot along the sea and you will pass by three smaller caves. At extreme high tide the water can approach up to the rocks and the surface of the beach where you can lie down decreases, but at low tide, the beach gets wider again and also offers enough space for families or larger groups. In the northern end of the beach you will find a wider sand area, and there are two stone steps, that have been marked by the wind and weather, leading to the beach.
Currently the Paseo Maritimo (promenade) of Mojácar Playa is newly expanded and these stairs will be well restored soon. This actually is a bit of a shame, because the charm and the wild character will be lost. At low tide, you can walk easily on the stairs, but sometimes for making the last step you will have to jump into the water.
Stone steps to Playa Cueva del Lobo
Some beach guests feel so comfortable and free on this wild and romantic beach that they like to sunbathe nude. The nudists can go to the caves, where they will be hidden from people that pass by, and get a nice tan there.
Towards the south the beach spreads around 20 metres wide up to the Paseo del Maritimo and offers enough space for bathers. Here there are a few rocks in the water or on the beach, that are actually quite handy if you want to lean against them and look for some shade. Like this, everyone can find their little private "sun bathing island" in the sea of sand.

Where is Playa Cueva del Lobo?

Playa Cueva del Lobo

The Playa Cueva del Lobo is located between Playa del Lance and Playa de las Ventanicas and belongs to the shortest beaches in Mojacar Playa. You can go by car along the beach road and then park at the level of the roundabout next to the riding school, which is also called Cueva del Lobo, at the playground for free. 
Here the before mentioned stone ramp takes you to Playa de las Ventanicas, where there is also a shower. Then you have to turn left and walk about 20 metres to the caves and the sandy part. When the wind blows from the Levante (East) or from the south, you're completely protected against the wind there and the waves are gentle, while elsewhere it already might be pretty uncomfortable. If the wind come from the Poniente (West) you can go and hide in the caves, which also provide apleasant shade in the summer, which means you don’t have to bring an umbrella with you. In autumn and winter, however,  after 3pm the sun will set behind the mountains and the beach is quickly covered by the shade. The best bathing time is therefore in the morning.

Information about the beach Playa Cueva del Lobo

Shell on the Playa Cueva del Lobo

The 200 metres long and sometimes up to 25 metres wide sand is, as almost everywhere in Mojácar Playa, a colour mix of yellow to light gray, depending on the types of rocks along the coast. At the water's edge of the beach the sand is fine, so you can swim without any danger and you won’t bump into pebbles.
Mojácar’s community gardeners ensure that the beaches are always kept clean and tidy. On the Paseo Maritimo you will find waste separation and on the beach also garbage bins, showers and toilets. In 2015 Playa de Cueva del Lobo was awarded with the Blue Flag for its quality service and cleanliness.
The sea is usually calm and protected and in the water you can easily swim. On the level of the shower there are some rocks and stones in the sea, but a few steps further, everything is sandy and soft. The obstacles can be easily avoided. Access to the beach is easy and you can also safely leave things in the car; Mojácar is a pretty little village with little crime activity. However, it is still better to stow luggage or valuables out of sight.

Restaurants and facilities on the Playa Cueva del Lobo

Ristorante Antonella

Almost all beaches in Mojacar Playa are close to restaurants and bars. However, on the Playa Cueva del Lobo there are no chiringuitos (beach bars) directly on the beach, but just above on the promenade you can find three popular restaurants. In these restaurants you can order many things, from Argentinean steak, to simple tapas. Here are a few smaller shops and a supermarket where food and cold drinks and sunscreen or hats can be bought and which can be taken to the beach. At the roundabout there are more restaurants, including a popular Indian one which offers daily menus from 9 euros.
From May to October, the Ristaurante Antonella, situated in a dreamlike location on the cliffs, is also open, where you can enjoy warm, summer evenings next to the sea on the terrace, drinking wine and enjoying the Italian cuisine. The wines are all excellent, there are very good homemade olives and good pizza. If you want to go during a weekend it is better to make a reservation.
Paseo Mediterráneo, 30
04638 Mojácar
Tel: +34 950 45 02 15
Open daily: 13:30 – 15:30 and 19:30 – 23:30

How to get there, transport, and a map of Playa Cueva del Lobo

By car you should go on the coast road ALP-116 (Carboneras - San Juan de los Terrenos) along to the roundabout at the horse stables. On the left and right of the road there are free parking places. Whoever prefers not to leave the car in the blazing sun in midsummer, can also park the car in the shady residential streets. So far, there are not parking restrictions in Mojácar Playa, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot.
The yellow beach bus (Marina de la Torre - Mojacar Pueblo) also runs along the beach’s promenade and there is a stop right on the Playa Cueva del Lobo. The bus stops every 30 minutes, you won’t find a schedule though, we are in Andalusia after all!
During the evenings, especially in the high season, if you're planning to drive you should not drink more than one beer. Since the local police do regular controls, they are more than happy to make you do an alcohol test. So, at night you better go by bus or take one of the reasonably affordable taxis.

Map: Playa Cueva del Lobo